Manuel Neuer. I know this man does not need any sort of introduction and the name is itself enough to respect and adore his stupendous qualities. No doubt Manuel Neuer is the best Goalkeeper of the World. But as an article writer it is my duty to introduce the man of discussion.

Manuel Neuer

This German goalkeeper has struck the world with his impeccable quality of goalkeeping and making the act of goalkeeping to important a job in the game than before. When we think of the job of a goalkeeper our mind works on a man who guards the post and tries to save the goals any every possible way

But again we are discussing Manuel Neuer. So anything mainstream and common way is out of the list. He is a man who can do anything to save a goal. And by the word anything I literally mean ‘anything’. Today we will discuss why  Manuel Neuer is best Goalkeeper of the World.

Manuel Neuer Is The Best Goalkeeper Of The World: Let’s Start Counting The 10 Reasons Why

The list goes like:

 Taking the Charge Of The Ball

Neuer is not among that conventional goalkeeper who finishes his job by saving the ball in the rival’s territory. But this man fights well till he satisfies the ball is not around the post. For that sometimes he takes the risk to leave his place and reach the mid field.

Neuer Can Only Take The Risk Of Reaching The Ball Through ‘Slides’

Only he can make endless interference and handles the ball like a perfect ‘midfielder’ with his trademark slides and struggle with the opponents and take the control over the ball and wins a free kick near to the midway line. Yap that is Manuel Neuer!!!

Confidence And Last Minute Desperation

Just tell me how many times you have seen a goalkeeper running towards the penalty box of the opponent team to make a goal. Only Neuer can go to such an extent. This 29 years old man has the seer dauntlessness, confidence and eagerness for his team.

Helping His Teammate In A Goal

Have you ever heard of something where a ‘goalkeeper has helped’ his teammate in scoring a goal? You can say that even the law of physics cannot do that. But when we are talking about the “sweeper keeper” everything is possible!!! In one of his match he threw the ball from his goalpost to such a length that it reached almost his teams post and his fellow mate has nothing much to do except just side the ball softly to the post. It’s a goal!!!

The Control Over A Ball

The only goalkeeper of the planet who can show a fabulous foot work to control and pass the ball. His one-touch side-heel pass in a match is still a glorious moment of world class goalkeeping, which even Gareth Bale could not resist discussing with the world. We can understand that he is Neuer and grabbing a ball is too mainstream for him!!!

Neuer, “The Johan Cruyff Turn” Fan

Generally when we see a match the most neglected character becomes the goalkeeper. But Manuel Neuer no way!!! He entertains us and makes a match more enjoyable and interesting. Can we forget his famous “johan cruyff turn”! He is just incredible!!! He once said that he always wanted to be a midfielder and Johan Cruyff was his favorite. Can we doubt that?

Artistic Short Pass

What a conventional goalkeeper do after saving a ball? He takes the ball into the way of the defender or throws it into a safe zone. But Neuer’s talent is far richer than just a goalkeeper. He chose this basketball-like pass right under the nose of an opponent player. It seems he really loves the ball and literally ‘plays’ with it.

His High Catches And Long Throws

Whenever I watch this man in the field I realize he is someone who not only an excellent player but a man who plays for the team and he can go any extent to help his team. Just visualize his way of catching a ball and throwing them into his team’s territory. It is extraordinary

The Only Goalkeeper And His ‘Heads’

Manuel Neuer, the only goalkeeper who can save a ball with his head. He jumps, swings even flies while performing his ‘heads’!!! I really don’t know what to say about this ability. It’s funny, freaky and immensely entertaining!!!

Greatest Saver Against Great Players

He is the reason why some of the biggest names of the football fraternity have not been able to score goals and their count would have been more if this legend would not have been in the goalpost. from Cristiano Ronaldo, Roony, Frank Lampard, Marco Reus, Andrea Pirlo, Steven Gerrard, Van Persla, Kroos, David Villa, Marlo Gomez, Kaka, Arjen Robben, Oscar, Di Maria, Mueller, Mata and many more. I think the list is enough to prove my point.

Wrap Up

Manuel Neuer is a treat for eyes. He is unquestionably the asset of Bayern Munich. He is just 29 years old and within this time he has grabbed the title of world’s greatest goalkeeper. But he must be called the “all rounder” of football. He is the goalkeeper, the defender and sometimes even the midfielder for his team. Manuel Neuer has made the role of the goalkeepers more important in a match than ever.