17 Weird Things Banned by Football Managers [#7 and #16 are shocking]

Well today the topic of discussion is not typically part of football. But though sometime it is. Am I sounding confusing? Then I must say not only me but some of the famous football managers and coaches are far more than me, at least to their players!!! When you will hear some of their rules and bans for their team, you will not blame me anymore. Weird Things Banned by Football Managers. Welcome to the world of football.

So shall we start with the list of Weird Things banned by football managers:

 #1st Chips


David Moyes banned the pre-match tradition at Old Trafford which is- munching low fat chips. When asked he proudly said:

“Yes, I did ban chips. It was because a couple of players were overweight and I didn’t think chips were good for their diet.”

But he was seen enjoying chips in between match with the audiences!!!

#2nd Mushrooms


Giovani Trappatoni is a bit eccentric when comes about strictness in team. And he got ‘stunned into silence for several seconds’ seeing his players having mushrooms, and banned his Irish players with their utmost surprise, from eating mushrooms. And this is what he has to say:

“I gave them carte blanche when it came to their diets. I did not want to change their established habits.”

#3rd Toast


Dundee United manager Jackie McNamara changed his players’ diet from white bread to porridge and Weetabix as ‘white bread’ is unhealthy for footballers. Weird!!!

  #4th Mars Bars

chocolate bar

A Mars Bars??? Really!!!  This time it is Arsene Wenger. He is usually known for his strict attitude towards his players. He was not only strict but sarcastic too. He said in an interview:

“We were travelling to Blackburn and the players were at the back of the bus chanting ‘we want our Mars bars!’”

#5th Ice

ice in coke

No ice!!! Paolo di Canio’s weirdest rule of all. Stopping his players to add ice in their coke. Reason:

“If you have ice with coke you can have indigestion. I know players who’ve had ice with their coke the night before a game and then couldn’t play.”

I can’t even imagine having my coke without ice. Brave boys!!!

#6th Tomato Ketchup and Mayonnaise


Paolo di Canio, congratulation!!!  You are again in the list. He stopped tomato ketchup and mayonnaise. These are those food items that can increase fat contain in body. So as a player these food items must be avoided.

#7th Coffee


Paolo di Canio seriously you need to calm down. And what is supposed to be reason behind stopping having coffee. Coffee contains caffeine. And a player should not consume anything before a match that can have an effect in the player’s mood.

No ice, no coffee, no ketchup, no mayonnaise. Then what? I suppose Oxygen!!!

#8th Beanie hats


Neil Lennon after joining Bolton Wanderers banned his players from wearing a beanie hat. It was weird because it is too cold and you need to wear them.  In his defense he declared:

“I don’t want players training in hats because they don’t play football in hats. If they want to get warm, they should run around,”

The shocking part is he used to come to the practice sessions with those hats.

#9th half sleeve shirts


All the players ought to wear the same shirt on match day that has been chosen by the captain, and it was a rule by none but Arsene Wenger. Yes he is again in the list. But the player Frenchman Flamini was not ready to accept such weird things and actually had the audacity to cut down the extra sleeve. Wenger has an irritation against him for not following his rule when he said:

“I do not like that and he will not do that again, I was surprised he did that; we don’t want that.”

#10th Swapping Shirts

And here comes another weird bans by football managers. Roy Keane in August 2007 banned his Sunderland players from partaking in the post-match shirt-swapping ritual.

“You see players now who say, “I’ve got 50 jerseys in my garage? And I think, “Yeah, brilliant. But how many medals have you got?””

And this was all he had to say.

#11th Mobile phones


Paolo di Canio is not done yet. The king of bans Di Canio had immense problem with of course mobiles. He banned it as quickly as possible. His irritation was quite visible when he talked about it:

“…Imagine if for years your habit is to use the phone when you’re having a massage on the bed, even one minute before going out to train? For 25 days I accepted this, because my first priority was to work on the field. However, I’ve said that from now if someone comes inside with a mobile phone, even in their bag, I’ll throw it in the North Sea. They’re banned.”

We got it. Stop yelling!!!

#12th Twitter


Head coach Chris Petersen of Boise State, US banned Twitter. Initially it may sound ridiculous.  Back in 2010, which created a huge controversy but with utter surprise later many other schools followed the ban. As per Chris Petersen:

“The reason we decided to not allow our players to have a Twitter account is we feel like it will prevent us from being able to prepare our football program to move forward. As simple as that.”

 #13th FIFA 14 video game


A video game??? Leyton Orient. Yes he is the man to blame. According to him playing football in video games may loss the productivity of a player and reduces his aggression on field. oh my poor boys how much you have gone through?

#14th Ping-Pong


Mike Tomlin, the Pittsburgh Steelers coach had issue with the innocent Ping-Pong and other indoor games like pool or table tennis. And if you ask why?

“It makes everything focus on football right now”.

#15th snow related sports


This rule was especially for Bjorneby when he joined the Liverpool club. Skiing, Bjorneby’s favourite sport apart from football was banned for his ‘safety’ issue. But as a son of an Olympic winner ski jumper, it was almost killing for him to stop skiing. But the poor guy had to agree to the new rule.

#16th  singing in the shower/locker-room


Can you believe this guy? You cannot sing? Reason? Singing can reduce anxiety and a group of players singing together can even beneficial to gain the brotherhood. But then comes Di Canio who banned this innocent gesture as according to him it can disturbs concentration and can make them boisterous.

I have a curiosity about you Mr. Paolo di Canio. Do you have to be like this strict to be a manager?

#17th Playing Guitar


Giovani Trappatoni is the best. He banned playing Guitar. Italian’s have a fetish for playing guitar at the night. He so strictly announced the ban that for next 5 years nobody dared to hold the instrument.

Wrap up:

My head is spinning!!! The list is hilarious. I cannot even think of leaving any of them [well except few of them]. Most of them are weird and I think few are unnecessary.

But you cannot deny the fact that to play football you have to be very particular about your diet, health and life style. And bit strictness on the part of the coaches and managers are understandable as they take lots of pressure to deal with the individual players and winning against other teams. So they sometimes go a little further. At the end of the day everyone’s target to play a good game and win.