2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifier Russia: Group Stages

The drum rolls have started for the FIFA World Cup as the group stages of the world cup qualifier for 2018 FIFA World Cup has been done on 25 th July at Konstantinovsky Palace in Strelna, Saint Petersburg, Russia. The countries from Europe are mainly divided into groups in this ceremony but unlike previous versions this time the CONEMBOL countries’ fixture is also determined in this event.

2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifier Russia: Group Stages

2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifier Russia: Group Stages

2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifier: Conembol

The Conembol or the Latin American part of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifier will be played among 10 countries where every country will play against every other country in home-away matches in Round-Robin system. Out of those 10 countries top 4 will be get the ticket to Russia directly and one other country will have to play a match against OFC qualifier in a playoff match.

Conembol Fixture

Matchday 1[5–13 October]                                     Matchday 2 [5–13October]

Colombia      v          Peru                                     Brazil           v   Venezuela

Chile             v         Brazil                                    Paraguay      v     Argentina

Argentina     v        Ecuador                                  Peru            v    Chile

Venezuela    v        Paraguay                                Ecuador      v    Bolivia

Bolivia          v        Uruguay                                 Uruguay       v   Colombia

Matchday 3[9–17 November]                               Matchday 4[9–17 November]

Chile           v     Colombia                                   Colombia      v    Argentina

Argentina   v     Brazil                                          Paraguay        v       Bolivia

Ecuador     v     Uruguay                                       Brazil            v      Peru

Bolivia        v     Venezuela                                  Venezuela    v      Ecuador

Peru           v      Paraguay                                   Uruguay       v       Chile

Matchday 5[2016]                                                 Matchday 6[2016]

Chile            v       Argentina                               Colombia v        Ecuador

Brazil          v        Uruguay                                  Paraguay    v        Brazil

Ecuador     v        Paraguay                                 Argentina   v        Bolivia

Bolivia        v        Colombia                                Venezuela   v        Chile

Peru           v       Venezuela                                 Uruguay     v        Peru

Matchday 7[2016]                                                Matchday  8[2016]

Colombia   v        Venezuela                              Chile            v      Bolivia

Paraguay    v        Chile                                      Brazil          v     Colombia

Argentina   v        Uruguay                                 Venezuela   v     Argentina

Ecuador     v        Brazil                                      Peru            v      Ecuador

Bolivia        v        Peru                                      Uruguay      v      Paraguay

Matchday 9[2016]                                                 Matchday10[2016]

Paraguay    v        Colombia                                Colombia      v    Uruguay

Brazil          v        Bolivia                                    Chile            v     Peru

Ecuador     v        Chile                                       Argentina      v    Paraguay

Peru           v        Argentina                               Venezuela     v     Brazil

Uruguay     v        Venezuela                              Bolivia       v        Ecuador

Matchday 11[2017]                                              Matchday 12[2017]

Colombia   v        Chile                                       Chile         v       Uruguay

Paraguay    v        Peru                                       Argentina v        Colombia

Brazil          v        Argentina                              Ecuador     v       Venezuela

Venezuela v        Bolivia                                    Bolivia       v        Paraguay

Uruguay     v        Ecuador                                 Peru          v        Brazil

Matchday 13[2017]                                             Matchday 14[2017]

Colombia   v        Bolivia                                   Chile         v       Venezuela

Paraguay    v        Ecuador                                 Brazil        v        Paraguay

Argentina   v        Chile                                      Ecuador   v        Colombia

Venezuela v        Peru                                        Bolivia      v        Argentina

Uruguay     v        Brazil                                      Peru         v       Uruguay

Matchday 15[2017]                                              Matchday  16[2017]

Chile            v      Paraguay                                Colombia       v        Brazil

Brazil           v       Ecuador                                 Paraguay   v       Uruguay

Venezuela    v       Colombia                              Argentina v       Venezuela

Peru             v      Bolivia                                   Ecuador   v        Peru

Uruguay       v        Argentina                             Bolivia      v        Chile

Matchday 17[2017]                                             Matchday 18[2017]

Colombia   v        Paraguay                                Paraguay        v   Venezuela

Chile           v        Ecuador                                 Brazil             v    Chile

Argentina   v        Peru                                       Ecuador        v     Argentina

Venezuela v        Uruguay                                  Peru              v     Colombia

Bolivia        v        Brazil                                     Uruguay        v        Bolivia


2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifier : UEFA

The European teams which are 52 in numbers are divided into nine groups of which 7 are consisted of 6 teams each and remaining two consisted of 5 teams each. They are selected from 6 pots consisted of teams divided into a considerable manner.

  • Teams ranked between 1-9 are in the 1st pot
  • Teams ranked between 10-18 are in the 2nd pot
  • Teams ranked between 19-27 are in the 3rd pot
  • Teams ranked between 28-36 are in the 4th pot
  • Teams ranked between 37-45 are in the 5th pot
  • Teams ranked between 46-52 are in the 6th pot


Pot 1: Germany (holders), Belgium, Holland, Portugal, Romania, England, Wales, Spain, Croatia

Pot 2: Slovakia, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, France, Iceland, Denmark, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Pot 3: Ukraine, Scotland, Poland, Hungary, Sweden, Albania, Northern Ireland, Serbia, Greece

Pot 4: Turkey, Slovenia, Israel, Republic of Ireland, Norway, Bulgaria, Faroe Islands, Montenegro, Estonia

Pot 5: Cyprus, Latvia, Armenia, Finland, Belarus, FYR Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Moldova

Pot 6: Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Georgia, Malta, San Marino, Andorra


The 52 teams will have to play in two rounds in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifier. In round 1, the teams will play against every other team in their respective group in home-away system and after the round the top 9 teams of the respective groups will get the chance to play in the World Cup 2018 directly and the 8 best runner ups of the group stage have to play play-offs. Then 4 more teams will qualify.

The Groups Of The UEFA

Group A: Netherlands, France, Sweden, Bulgaria, Belarus, Luxembourg

Group B: Portugal, Switzerland, Hungary, Faroe Islands, Latvia, Andorra

Group C: Germany, Czech Republic, Northern Ireland, Norway, Azerbaijan, San Marino

Group D: Wales, Austria, Serbia, Republic of Ireland, Moldova, Georgia

Group E: Romania, Denmark, Poland, Montenegro, Armenia, Kazakhstan

Group F: England, Slovakia, Scotland, Slovenia, Lithuania, Malta

Group G: Spain, Italy, Albania, Israel, Macedonia, Liechtenstein

Group H: Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Estonia, Cyprus

Group I: Croatia, Iceland, Ukraine, Turkey, Finland

Wrap Up

The qualifying rounds of the FIFA World Cup Qualifier 2018 are created now it is time to wait and watch the race to Russia. The competition in the Conembol will be really tough as the slots are only 5 and the teams are highly competitive and packed with lots of high class talents. While in the Europe it is tough for the underdogs as they have to beat the heavyweights in their path to the World Cup. The group A and group G is the contender for group of death as France and Netherlands will fight in the group A and Spain and Italy will in the group G. In the meantime in group F and D there will be war between the local teams of the British Isle. England and Scotland are drawn into the F while Republic of Ireland and Wales are in the group D. So once again the international football actions are coming once again.