5 Talking Points of El Clásico Barcelona vs Real Madrid Match

El Clásico Barcelona vs Real Madrid match was much contentious caused by Barcelona’s 12th man, as outlined by Real Madrid fans. Barcelona was at the first position in the point table and now, even after the El Clásico match, they are able to keep their position.

Barcelona definitely avoided defeat and they have won the match in opposition to Real Madrid for 2-1. Even though, Cristinao Ronaldo flattened the first goal but BBC collaboration was not able to make their second goal towards Barcelona. Consequently, they are still at the second position with 64 points and after this match, this is very challenging for Real Madrid to top up Barcelona in this session.

Although, Barcelona has won the match against their life long rival, yet, there were significant flaws in this match coming from both sides. Barcelona experienced a wide range of mistakes in their game, though they have won the match. If you would like recognize their faults, do check out the subsequent points.

Neymar’s Form was Not up to the Mark

Although, Barcelona assigned this Brazilian mid-fielder, Neymar, in their team to complete the MSN combination, yet, the amalgamation didn’t work effectively during this second El Clásico of this session. Neymar wasted plenty of chances, what should not be done by a match finisher like Neymar. Messi made few balls for him to score a goal, but he lost the chances every time.

Barcelona’s Tactic was Useless

Every team comes with a new tactic in every match. Even we have a new tactic in the midfield of both teams. But, the Barcelona’s midfield was looking much weak compared with Real Madrid’s mid-field. There was a huge difference between previous Barcelona vs yesterday’s Barcelona. On the other hand, Real Madrid played well in the mid-field, which is the governing body of any team.

Piqué was the New Puyol



The captain of the world cup champion team, Spain, Puyol, was a leading player and the wall between the midfielder of rival team and the own goal. He saved thousands of goal and inspired the entire team with his skill. Although, he is retired now but Barcelona still has a Puyol in between Piqué. Piqué has been proving himself as a trustworthy defender. In this match, he has defended well from his position on the field.

From Biting to Leading

FC-Barcelona-v-Real-Madrid-CF-La-Liga Suarez

We all know the most entertaining player of Uruguay, Luis Suárez is now playing for Barcelona. In the world cup, he made several milestones and “biting” was one of them. In the world cup, he had not played well as well. However, now, he is on his form after playing for Barcelona in this session. In every match, Suárez has played well and in the yesterday’s match, there was no difference. His aggressive playing helped his team to conquer Real Madrid. He made one very important goal in this match.

Benzama Played Better than Ronaldo

FC-Barcelona-v-Real-Madrid-CF-La-Liga benzama

Among the BBC combination, the second B or Benzama played better than Ronaldo in the second El Clásico of this session. Throughout the entire match, he played well, he made few opportunitines to score goal and he assisted Ronaldo to score the one and only goal of Real Madrid. Considering all the facts, Benzama was better than Ronaldo in this match.

What do you think about this match? What is your view?