Atletico Madrid and Uruguay defender Diego Godin told Uruguayan media that Lionel Messi gets too much respect in Spain and defenders of the opponent teams are more interested in taking pictures with him than tackling and that is the reason Messi plays better in Spain. So this is a letter from football fan to Mr. Godin.

A letter from a football fan to Diego Godin

Dear Mr. Godin,

You may have a point in what you have said but I must say without disrespecting the stature of you as a player that you are very much wrong from the bottom of this point.

Messi is not only tastes success in the Spanish league but also throughout the Europe in UCL and I don’t think you would disagree that some of the teams are renowned for their hard tackling and rough football. Even your own club never leave him any bit of space and tackle him as hard as you could as you know very well what he can do if he remain untouched.

From the start of his era the defenders try to stop him with legal and illegal tackle but still he goes on without diving. At some point of some matches 8-9 players at the defense even was not enough to stop a man and that man is Messi.

Hard tackling is part of a game but stopping a genius with despicable moves is not a same thing. Pele was lost in World Cup, 66 to the ferocious tackles of European defenders. Maradona was stopped by Gentile’s harshness in World cup, 82. So there is no glory for those who want to win game through this.

Now as your statement everybody knows Messi has not showed 30% of his Barcelona form while he is in Argentine colors. But Mr. Godin, you forgot one thing that Messi has his support from the world class players like Neymar and Suarez who can make an equal impact and take the responsibility of the team. But in Argentina where is such teammates, only Mascherano and Di Maria. All others were just faded away. He took the team to the final facing so called tough defense of your Latin America single handedly. In the final he also passed some really good balls, which can easily transformed into goals, to Higuain which he missed with his imbecile shot. If he had scored there would be no such arguments on this topic ever but it is unfortunate that didn’t happen and all the blaming fall on Messi, like a tragic hero.

You should remember when Maradona won the world cup a Buruchaga had to score, a Goycochea had to save goals in the path of victory. Pele find teammates like Garrincha, Vava, Didi who all the won the world cup as a team. Some will say Messi has Aguero but there is no trace of his performance in an Argentine match like he plays with Manchester City.

So Mr. Godin, stop stating nonsense and enjoy the marvelous opportunity to play against the genius in the most beautiful game on this planet.