Barcelona star Neymar’s former agent Wagner Ribeiro launched a scathing attack on the player’s father for allowing the player not to join the Madrid-based side when the striker was still a teenager.

Neymar Jr attended a training session at Real Madrid when he was a teenager, but the player and his father rejected the club’s proposal to stay in Brazil. And Ribeiro is adamant that the player should have joined the Spanish capital side.

Agent blasts Neymar’s father; Advises Neymar to join Real Madrid

Ribeiro advised Neymar’s father in an open letter that he published in his Instagram page :

“Take your money, take it to tax havens, legally, of course.That way you will stop paying taxes in Brazil. Close your businesses, the Praia Grande institute and enjoy your life on the Mediterranean beaches.”

“But let Neymar play a few more years of football. Let him finish his career in Europe, preferably Real Madrid,”

Neymar playing for Barcelona against Real Madrid in a La Liga game

Ribeiro also accused Neymar Sr for the troubles that Neymar Junior faced after his move to Barcelona. Neymar’s assets worth 33.1m were frozen by the Brazilian authorities and the agent planted all the blame on Neymar Sr.

“It was obvious this was going to happen, right Ney?” the businessman asked.

“You never paid for the boy [Neymar Jr.] to play. You decided to listen to his ‘juvenile-infantile’ desire to go back to Brazil instead of playing in Real Madrid.

“But Neymar Jr, a responsible, charismatic star started to become recognised and businesses in Brazil and beyond wanted his image, and that made you ‘rich’.”

“In Brazil, when a poor person becomes rich he has to be a donkey. They say that ‘You can take the man out of the favela, but you cannot take the favela out of the man’, and that has deep meaning for part of society which is used to ‘always win.'”

Neymar and his family did not respond to Ribeiro’s complaints yet.