Alexis Sanchez blasts Arsenal after Swansea defeat

Alexis Sanchez blasts Arsenal: The Arsenal forward criticised his team for not showing hunger on the pitch after the Gunners were defeated by the 16th placed Swansea side. Arsenal lost back to back league games against Manchester United and Swansea which saw their title dream hit a major blow. The Gunners are 6 points behind league leaders Leicester City with 10 more games to play.

Arsenal have tougher fixtures than their fellow title rivals which make the title race further complicated for Arsene Wenger’s men. Arsenal’s lost at the Emirates against a weaker Swansea side was one of the worst results for Arsene Wenger since a team competing for the crown should not have lost a game like this one.

Alexis - Goal

Alexis Sanchez, Arsenal’s star forward also joined the critics to blame his team as he felt his team do not have the hunger required to win a league title. Manager Arsene Wenger also concerned that the players have a confidence problem. During the first half of the season, the Gunners were the clear favorites to win the EPL as defending Champions Chelsea struggled badly and second favorites Manchester City endured an inconsistent start. But yet again the Gunners failed to utilise the chances and did not take any advantage from their rivals’ slips.

Speaking to Directv Sports, Alexis Sanchez told:

“Sometimes we lack the mentality that we are already winning 1-0 when we go out on to the pitch.”
“We lack this hunger to believe that we can be champions.”
“If we go out onto to the pitch with hunger to become champions, to win the Premier League or the Champions League we can achieve it.”
“I remember a game against Manchester United last year. The lads looked hungry for silverware as we took to the pitch.”
“We crushed them in the first 20 minutes and went 3-0 up. We were hungry and brimming with confidence that day.”
Arsenal still have equal chances of winning the Premier League, but the way they played the last two games will never help them to achieve the big honour. They need to sort out their problems as soon as possible before the things slip out of their hands.