An Open Letter to Arsene Wenger From a BLUE

Respected sir,

Before I begin my cause, I want you to say a big thank you for all your services to the game ‘Football’ and of course to the English Premier League. You are three-times elder than me and your experience in football is at least twice than that of my age. I am no one to question you nor criticise you. I have the utmost respect for you. But, as a spectator of this beautiful game I have some doubts that I want to clarify with you.

From the day one, I started to watch the game I was told that you are one of the best ever managers to grace the game. I agreed with the statements as I have witnessed your achievements with Arsenal. Your story with the Emirates is one to tell to our kids, to the next generation people that we were lucky enough to watch this man Arsene Wenger’s wonders. But the thing  I can not understand from the very beginning is, why you are treated more ‘gently’ by everyone even by the media? Why you are always treated as a ‘very good’ person amid the world has seen your worst side (i.e) your ego and personal grudge with managers who won things that you have not.


The history has some rememberable incidents of you including your best friends Sir Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho, but I do not want to enter into those because you three are real greats of this game and it is normal that you have personal disagreements with your rivals.

I have something other with you! I want to remember you an incident (Just one! I have hundreds left for you) when you commented out of your authority about my club’s actions only to show how vile you are. When we sold Juan Mata to Manchester United you come up with a very innovative statement and I still remember that crystal clear.

“Chelsea have already played twice against Man United, they could have sold him last week.
I think if you want to respect the fairness for everybody, this should not happen.
I can understand completely what Chelsea are doing, and they do not make the rules, but maybe the rules should be a bit more adapted for fairness.”

Well, what’s the point in calling the deal ‘unfair’? What’s your problem at least? Were you scared to face a United side with our former No.10 installed? We have the whole rights to decide what’s best for us, for our player and United are well aware of where they spend their money. What’s you problem in this?

Ok! Let’s take at that likely and agree that you care for EPL’s tradition that NO CLUB SHOULD SELL THEIR STARS TO A DIRECT RIVAL. Though it’s absurd, let’s take that’s OK for the argument sake. After complaining about Mata’s transfer, the great Arsene Wenger signed Chelsea Legendary Peter Cech. What’s the real point in this one? Were you fair to sign your opponent’s star player? So far this season, our ‘BIG’ Peter has saved you more than once and arguably he is doing a better job than his former Chelsea teammate in his new club. Why did you not even talk about the ‘HELP’ we offered to you?

If you can blame us for selling Juan Mata, then you should have blamed us while we transfer listed Peter Cech instead you contacted the player and signed him as well. Is that what a man do? Peter Cech is one of your biggest players this season and you have not even talk about the ‘transfer’. You are deluded, aren’t you?

And you always blame the certain clubs who ‘buy’ trophies. Yeah, we all agree that we spend ‘money’. Is that a crime? Has not football seen big money investments before? You publicly claim that the trophies these clubs win are undeserving. How can you say these? A winner is a winner by all means. You are not a Leicester or Hull or some Championship side to complain about money. You are THE GUNNERS, you are one of the richest clubs in the world and yet you complain like you have not seen money in football before.

You are reluctant to ‘spend’ and you have achieved big things without money, that deserves a big salute but that ain’t give you the authority to blame the others for spending. Top 4 finish every year in the world’s most competitive and most unpredictable league is an honourable achievement, but the Top 4 spot is not equal to a Premier League title. In the last decade, you are outsmarted by Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City in the League and in the European competitions as well.

There is a cliche; “YOU MUST ACCEPT YOUR DEFEAT IF YOU WANT TO WIN”! I think you should remember this quote. Be a man! Accept your defeats!!