Can Liverpool Finish This Session as One of Top Four Teams?

Liverpool, which was unbeaten in previous 13 matches, was failed to avoid defeat against Manchester United at Anfield. They lost the match for 2-1. Although, some of the decisions of the referee were much controversial and not competent, yet, the result will be counted, eventually.

Even after playing so good, they are currently suffering from some huge problems and are standing on fifth position with 54 points. At the same point table, their previous match rival, Manchester United is standing on fourth position with 59 points. Before the match, they were at 56 points and Liverpool were at 54 points. However, the match result has changed the scoreboard and now this is quite difficult for Liverpool to come back and finish this session as one of the top four teams, which will be playing UEFA Champions League, the biggest league.

 Problems with Liverpool to Come Back

Before the Manchester United match, almost everything was set and the plan of Brendan Rodgers was working fine and as a result The Reds were unbeaten in 13 consecutive matches. However, now, he needs to rebuild his plan against Arsenal, which would be playing at Emirates Stadium on 4th April. Why? Read on to know more.

If you have seen the Liverpool match against Manchester United, you have already known that Steven Gerrard will not be available in next three matches due to red card. Although, his foul was not a red card foul, yet, the referee gave him, what he thought. That means, one of the most attacking player of Liverpool will not be able to play against Arsenal, Newcastle United and Hull City.

Even though, Liverpool can deal with Newcastle United and Hull city without Gerrard, but, it would be very difficult for them to handle Arsenal, which is currently on their form and have been and have won their last six matches. On the other hand, another defender, Martin Skrtel may also face a similar ban in the next matches (this is not confirmed yet).

Simon Mignolet, the goalkeeper of The Reds is having an injury since the last match after a confrontment with Rooney. Although, the second goalkeeper is also ready but there is always a question mark comes with an informed goalkeeper. From a reliable source, we have come to know that the goal scorer of previous match, Daniel Sturridge is also having some injury. At the same time, Lallana has been suffering from some injuries.

Considering all the things, all we can say that Liverpool is in a big trouble, what they need to face with a new tactic since the upcoming match is going to be played against Arsenal, the third position holder with 60 points.

Predicted Score of Liverpool for This Session

Week 30 has been completed. In 31st Week, they need to really work hard. Only eight matches are left before the finishing. Among those eight matches, they need to face Arsenal, Newcastle United, Hull City, West Brom, QPR, Chelsea, Crystal Palace and Stoke City.

If they will lose the game against Arsenal and Chelsea and win the match against other six teams, they will be standing at 72 points. But, if they can manage to draw against Chelsea and Arsenal and win against other six teams, they will be standing at 74 points.

Although, this is a good score but you should know that there are more other teams, who are better than The Reds. Current top four teams also have their matches. That means, if they win at least five matches out of eight matches (on average), it will be extremely difficult for Liverpool to come back and finish this session as one of top four teams.

At the end of article, all we would say that you should not lose hope because we have seen this team to win, where it needs the most.