Remember the 2006 World Cup quarter final match between Argentina and Germany? If you are an Argentine fan, there is no need to describe the moment, when former Argentina’s coach Jose Pekerman didn’t emply Messi against Germany, which they lost 4-2 on a penalty shootout. However, now it’s time for Messi to reply back to current Colombia’s coach Jose Pekerman, who left Argentina long time ago. Anyway, lets check out teh Argentina vs Colombia match preview with some interesting facts here.

Argentina vs Colombia Match Preview : Copa America 2015 Quarter Final

Argentina vs Colombia Match Preview

As of now, both teams are playing good but somehow, Argentina has more advantage than Colombia in this quarter final match of Copa America 2015. Here is the Argentina vs Colombia match preview what you will like for sure.

Goalkeeper’s Strength and Weakness of Argentina and Colombia in Copa America 2015

Argentina: The Monaco’s goalkeeper, Sergio Romero has playing great since last world cup. This wall is goign to be a huge problem for Colombia’s strikers. He has the experience to play big matches including World Cup final.

Rating: 7.5

Colombia: At the same time, Gunners’ goalkeeper, David Ospina is an inform player of Copa America 2015. he has conceded only one goal in three matches. His strength is he has the capability to keep his focus on the ball in any one-one situation. This is a precedence of Ospina as well as Colombia.

Rating: 7.5

Defense’s Strength and Weakness of Argentina and Colombia in Copa America 2015

Argentina: This is where Argentina is still lagging behind Colombia. When Argentine strikers are producing storm, their defenders are falling into trouble in each second.They have the weakest defense in Copa America 2015. Their main problem in age and that is why Argentine defense is facing problem for long ball or forward pass. It will create issues if Colombia’s midfielders can produce pressure. Although, other sidebacks are backing up this team but that is not a permanent solution and Argentina can get into big trouble in this knock out match against Colombia.

Rating: 4.5

Colombia: Zapata and Murillo’s duo is just unbreakable. In the previous matches, they haven’t gave much space to opponent’s strikers to score a goal. As a result, Neymar failed as well as Peru. However, their first match was disappointing due to the defender’s mistake. But, overall performance is much better than Argentina.

Rating: 7

Midfield’s Strength and Weakness of Argentina and Colombia in Copa America 2015

Argentina: Argentine midfield is one of the best midfield’s in Copa America 2015. Di Maria, Mascherano, Pastore are playing dramatically awesome. If forward is strong for Messi, midfield is even stronger because of these three players. Their 4-2-3-1 strategy works great by implementing these players. Along all of them, Mascherano is extraordinary. His quick move, better interaction with defenders and forwards make Argentina unwavering.

Rating: 7

Colombia: Even though, Colombia’s midfield is not so strong like Argentina but still they have good midfield becasue of 4-4-2 strategy. James Rodriguez is such a player, who can lead the midfield. Alongside him, Cuadrado, Sanchez and Valencia have shown their actual performance in previous matches. Cuadrado has been delivering reliable performance continuously.

Rating: 7.5

Forward’s Strength and Weakness of Argentina and Colombia in Copa America 2015

Argentina 1-0 Jamaica | All Goals and English… by zidanekrisz
Argentina: What does any team need if it has Messi? The exact same thing is happening with Argentina as well. This is probably a reason, why Tevez has not got chance to be the starting eleven in any match till date in Copa America 2015. At the same time, Aguero and Higuen are two lethal forwards in Argentine squad for Copa America 2015. Infact, Aguero has scored 2 goals in 2 matches. On the other hand, Messi and Higuen have scored one goal each.

Rating: 9

Colombia: This is where Colombia is into trouble. Although, they have a strong midfield, their forward seems not so strong due to the unavailability of Bacca and worst performance of Falcao. In 3 matches, Colombia has scored only one goal and that is by Santiago Arias. Pekerman should use Falcao more effectively and he needs to have a plan B against Argentina.

Rating: 5.5

Argentina’s playes to keep an eye on in Copa America 2015

They have some awesome midfielders and forwards. As of now these players are playing awesome.

Messi: No matter, what is the situation, this preternatural player can deal with anything.

Di Maria: Although, he has not got any goal in group-stage but his attack was unchallenged.

Sergio Aguero: This man is popular because of making quick counter-attack. He knows the goal very well.

Colombia’s players to keep an eye on in Copa America 2015

James Rodriguez: He has diminish the fear of Colombia when Falcao is not in his form. He has experience to play big matches and that is a plus point.

Cuadrado: Even after playing awesome, this right winger has not got any goal neither assisted so far. But, still he is under the radar of better players of Colombia.

Argentina’s starting lineup against Colombia in Copa America Quarter Final

Romero, N. Otamendi, E. Garay , P. Zabaleta, M. Rojo, Á. di María, J. Pastore, J. Mascherano, L. Biglia, C. Tevez, L. Messi

Colombia’s starting lineup against Argentina in Copa America Quarter Final

Ospina, Arias, Murillo, Zapata, Armero, C. Sanchez, Valencia; Cuadrado, J. Rodriguez, Falcao, Gutierrez

Argentina vs Colombia head to head

Argentina FIFA Ranking: 3

Colombia FIFA Ranking: 4

Last 10 Meetings:

Argentina Won: 6

Colombia Won: 2

Argentina vs Colombia Copa America quarter final score prediction

Argenina 2 – 0 Colombia

Match: Argentina vs Colombia

Date: 26 June 2015 (South America and North America), 21 June 2015 (Asia, Europe and Africa)

Time: 20:30 (Local Time), 5:00 (IST)

Stadium: Estadio Sausalito, Viña del Mar

Wrap up

Messi’s 101st match is going to be an awesome match because his team is in form and Colombia’s strikers are still trying to be better. What is your view on this Argentina vs Colombia match of Copa America 2015? According to our Argentina vs Colombia match preview, Argentina has the advantage.