Although, it’s time for Argentine supporters to start celebrating the win, yet, Argentina squad should think about their 90 minutes score. Anyway, the third quarter final match of Copa America 2015 has just been over and now it’s time to check out the Argentina vs Colombia match report to talk about some important things, what world have seen at Estadio Sausalito.

Argentina vs Colombia Match Report

Top 5 Talking Points of Argentina vs Colombia Copa America Quarter Final Match

Di Maria is probably in his best form in national jersey

Di Maria is playing his best ever football tournament for his country. Although, he has been amazing since past couple of years in club as well as national jersey, but this is probably the best match Di Maria has ever played. The right wing is equally important and Di Maria was the only man, who was able to handle this position with his sophisticated gameplay. His speedy run was the nightmare for the Colombian defense. Although, he got four corners, yet, he failed to make anything. However, his overall performance was enough for Argentina to score at least one goal in the first half.

Argentine forwards need to score

What does a team need to win when they have Messi, Di Maria, Aguero, Pastore and MAscherano in the squad? But, Argentina’s full time score may change this thought since after 90 minutes, Colombians were fighting to win as the scoreboard was having 0-0. Although, Messi, Di MAria, Pastore, Aguero have got couple of chances but they failed to Colombian defense and goalkeeper. Basically, the attack vs defense match ended up with a 0-0 draw. If the same thing will continue in teh semifinal, they may face problems, just like quarter final.

Opina still has got it

Ospina in Suddendeath

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If Colombia has survived throughout the match, Ospina has the maximum credit since some sure shoot goals were blocked by this Colombian wall. He played a vital role in this match from the first minute. In fact, he was much confident in one-against-one situations. In the entire game, he made only one mistake but that didn’t create any problem. This was very difficult to block some players like Messi, Di Maria, Tevez etc. But, Ospina did everything successfully.

Masche still has football left in him

There is nothing to say about this man, who can handle midfield as well as defense one handedly. Mascherano played brilliantly in Argentina vs Colombia match of Copa America quarter final. Although, they didn’t score but Gago, Aguero, Messi, Di Maria got balls from him one after one. This man was great in group stage matches and now, he has become even more crucial for Argentina.

Champion’s luck has staretd working for Argentina

Last time in World Cup, when the team played against Germany, a lot of problems came forward. However, this time, their luck has just started rolling out for them. Although, the 90 minute was goalless but at the end of day, they have qualified for semifinal of Copa America 2015.

Final Word

Now, it’s time to sit back and relax for the semifinal match of Argentina. No matter, who will be the rival but they must have to do better to finish the match in 90 minutes since they have a great midfield and forward lineup.