Argentina vs Paraguay Match Preview: Copa America Semi Final

Argentina vs Paraguay match preview of Copa America Semi Final is hot in the plate and let us take you to an overall detailed Argentina vs Paraguay Semi-Final match preview and strategy analysis.Argentina vs Paraguay cop america 2015 semi final

Argentina vs Paraguay match preview: Copa America Semi Final

Argentina’s run so far in Copa America 2015

Argentina started their Copa America journey against Paraguay with a 2-2 draw. Sergio Aguero scored the first one, and Messi followed with a penalty. In their next match they played against Uruguay and defeated them with a single stunner by Aguero. The last group match against Jamaica, Argentina won with a 1-0 result, thanks to Higuain’s early goal. Moving on to the Copa America quarter-final Argentina faced Colombia. A very competitive and high voltage match got into penalty shootout when both the teams failed to score in first 90 minutes. Finaly a Carlos Tevez strike won Argentina a place in Copa America 2015 Semi Final, up against Paraguay once again.

Paraguay’s run so far in Copa America 2015

Paraguay started their journey against Argentina with the late goal draw at 90th minute. They won against Jamaica with a 1-0 score and got a draw against Uruguay with a 1-1 score. Being qualified as the group runner up they had to face Brazil in Quarter final, and they also managed to move to semi final due to a Penalty Shoot-out win against Brazil.

Argentina vs Paraguay match preview: Copa America Semi Final

Argentina and Paraguay strategy in Copa America Semi Final

While reporting the Argentina vs Paraguay match preview: Copa America Semi Final it occurred to me that both the teams are just playing the exact opposite form of football. While Argentina is playing short-passes all around the field with a sublime lead on ball position, Paraguay is tending to have long ball attacks and counter attacks. Argentina generally is relying on grounders and grass-cutters mainly from inside of the box while Paraguay is lethal on cross and header and long rangers. Argentina is too much dependent on their forwards where as Paraguay is playing a team game all around. Argentina will try to end up the match as soon as possible with numerous goal leads while Paraguay have the nerve of a serial killer as they can come back from any point of the match. Argentine defence is looking sloth and less confident and defeating Brazil in their last match Paraguay would be on the epitome of confidence. Argentina produces some mesmerising situational movements and Paraguay knows how to destroy opponents in dead ball situations.

What Argentina must do in Argentina vs Paraguay match of Copa America Semi Final

  1. Special attentions on defence are a must. Sometimes Mascherano tends to move way up, leaving deep defence to take care of the counter attacks. This can be suicidal for Argentina as the Argentine defence is one of the slowest in Copa America 2015.
  2. Di Maria needs to take advantage out of Messi’s position. While Messi and Di Maria keep on switching positions Di Maria must opt for some shoots and lobs.
  3. Pastore and Biglia must take long rangers from outside the box so that Aguero can opt for rebounds.
  4. If needed, Martino must bring in Tevez, irrespective of Higuain.
  5. Zabeleta, Otamendi needs to take advantage of their hight and neutralize the Paraguayan aerial attacks.

What Paraguay must do in Argentina vs Paraguay match of Copa America Semi Final

  1. This goes without saying; they need special attention for Messi.
  2. They cant allow Di Maria to have a solo run on a counter attack or from the wings.
  3. Argentina will shoot a lot from inside the box, so it’s a high priority to block them by defenders at any cost.
  4. Pressurize Argentina with speedy counter attacks and keep Pastore, Biglia, Mascherano busy at their own half.
  5. Try to put long balls from every corner of the field as much as possible till the end of the game. Argentine defence can commit an error in pressure! – The truth has been revealed in group match.

Argentina vs Paraguay match preview: Copa America Semi Final

Some important statistics and facts about Argentina and Paraguay in Copa America

  1. Argentina has won 32 corners in their four matches. None of them were converted.
  2. 20% of Paraguay’s total passes in Copa America 2015 are long passes.
  3. Argentina has played 2275 passes in their four matches of Copa America 2015 with an average of 574 passes per match.
  4. Paraguay has made 72 fouls in their Copa America 2015 journey till now.
  5. Argentina has launched 93 crosses till the Semi Final of the tournament; only 29% were successful though.
  6. Paraguay has already faced the three most vicious contenders of Copa America including Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. Needless to say none of them could defeat Paraguay.

Argentina vs Paraguay match preview: Argentina vs Paraguay starting eleven

Argentina starting eleven in Argentina vs Paraguay Copa America Semi Final

Romero, N. Otamendi, E. Garay , P. Zabaleta, M. Rojo, Á. di María, J. Pastore, J. Mascherano, L. Biglia, S. Aguero, L. Messi

Paraguay starting eleven in Argentina vs Paraguay Copa America Semi Final

Villar; Caceres, Da Silva, B Valdez, Piris; Bobadilla, Ortigoza, Benitez, Molinas; Valdez, Barrios.

Head to Head

Argentina FIFA ranking: 3

Paraguay FIFA ranking: 85

Meetings: 16

Argentina won: 10

Paraguay won: 2

Football Lens prediction on Argentina vs Paraguay Copa America Semi Final

Argentina 2-1 Paraguay

Wrap Up:

It was delightful to bring you the Argentina vs Paraguay match preview: Copa America Semi Final, for updates on Live stream and post match report please bookmark us.