Argentine Referee Banned for Making Right Decision

German Delfino, an Argentine referee got a ban to manage his next fixture for making a right decision. Confused? Let us explain everything.

A match was going on between Arsenal de Sarandi vs Velez. A player of Arsenal de Sarandi blocked opponent’s player and prevented a sure goal by handling the ball, according to the referee. Therefore, the Arsenal’s player was greeted with a red card and sent off right away. Eventually, Velez got a penalty and was ready to kick the ball.

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Although, the Arsenal’s players tried to make out everything but eventually, he victim got a red card. But, what happened was actually opposite to that. The Velez’s player made the handball. The fourth official from out the ground watched the whole thing on a computer of Arsenal’s tent. After that, the fourth official contacted to the referee and asked him to change the decision and revert the red card.

This is when the whole problem begins. Referee cannot take the help of any other technology during the match. The entire thing was messy and the referee failed to continue the match with a healthy environment. Referee needs to control the match and that is why football matches have referee. But, this time, the referee failed to control the match.

One of the officials said,

It was a little sloppy, but justice was the end. Delfino told me he did not rely on technology to roll back the play in which he first took a penalty for Vélez and then annulled. His decision was based on what he saw the referees.

That is why the referee has got a ban by the official and now, he will be applicable to be a referee in lower level matches only.

Obviously, referee can change the decision. We have seen a lot of incidents where referees have changed their initial decision with the help of assistant referee and even players. However, there is no such incident where the world have seen the referee to change his decision after watching the reply. Obviously, the referee didn’t check the reply but he is the man, who can take the final decision.