A bad news for Arnab Mandal, Sunil Chhetri and Shadachandra Singh since they are about to miss the Madrid training camp due to the training with national team. A foreign training always improved the Indian squad but there are some other reasons are behind this cancellation. When, some ISL players will get the training at Madrid, Sunil Chhetri, Arnab Mandal and Dhanachandra Singh will have to be with their national team.

Reasons behind Madrid tour cancellation

Arnab Mandal, Sunil Chhetri and Dhanachandra Singh will miss Madrid tour

Image Credit: ShillongLajong Website

Obviously, there is a big reason and the General Secretary of AIFF, Mr. Kushal Das has demonstrated it minutely.

According to Mr. Das,

A training camp will take place at Madrid for ISL players from 25th August. At the same time, the national team training camp will take place from 24th August to 7th September. No national team player will get leave from national team for any other training during that period.

This is a 50-50 situation for players as well as Mr. Das. Obviously, players will get a better training at Madrid but at the same time, they must have to coordinate with national teammate. World Cup qualifier match is coming soon and Constantine’s men will play against Iran on 8th September. As India was defeated to Guam and Oman in last two qualifying matches, all the people are looking for a good result against Iran.

To get better result, Constantine’s men will have to get the training all together. On the other hand, India team needs more time to be ready for playing against Iran and that’s why this camp will be so long. He also said that upcoming camps will not be so long as it is going to be since India will play other 3 qualifying matched between October and November against Turmenistan (8 October), Oman (13 October) and Guam (12 November).

Out of these three matches, first two matches are away match. Therefore, it will be difficult to be ready for away match consecutively. Hence, this training season will be long, which will start from 24 August and will be ended on 7th September.

Do you think this is a good decision?