The former Liverpool defender, Jamie Carragher and former Manchester United right back, Gary Neville believe that Arsenal should buy a ‘proper number one’ goalkeeper if they want to be the Premier League title holder of next season (2015/16). In a casual interview, these two players have revealed what Gunners are lacking of and where they need to concentrate.

Arsenal Need to Buy Proper Number One Goalkeeper, Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville

Jamie Carragher has told,

I think Arsenal need to go out in the summer and just buy a proper number one goalkeeper.

Arsenal have two awesome goalkeepers. Wojciech Szczesny has played 17 Premier League matches for Arsenal. He has saved 45 times and got 3 clean sheets. On the other hand, the Colombian goalkeeper, David Ospina, has played 15 Premier League matches, saved 37 times and got 7 clean sheets.

Generally, Arsene Wenger uses Ospina in casual matches. This is a big mistake of him since he has played better than main goalkeeper, Wojciech Szczesny. The result says everything about their performance. On the same, Jamie Carragher has told,

His (Ospina) record is good because the team are playing well and are defending well so they’re not having that much to do, but he was bought as a No.2.

He further added,

Very rarely do you see a No.2 goalkeeper become a No.1. If he was that good, why was he bought as a No.2? Why wasn’t he coming and being the No.1?

Gunners need a goalkeeper like Petr Cech but Jose Mourinho will not sell him to a rival like Arsenal. Gary Neville has said that,

If I was Jose Mourinho, with Arsenal potentially being one of my biggest rivals next season, I would not sell them Cech at all.

Now, all Arsenal have to do is to find a “proper umber one goalkeeper” so that they have be number one on the Premier League point table.