Arsenal vs Liverpool Match Review 4 April

The 90 minutes game was finished within first 45 minutes since Arsenal has smashed down Liverpool by 4-1. After a long gap, The Gunners have played in such a way to exterminate The Reds, that they have not got any chance to attack throughout the entire match.

Arsenal vs Liverpool Match Review 4 April

Kolo Toure got only one chance to score and as usual, he lost that. That is the end of Liverpool’s story of this match. From the first minute, Arsenal started attacking brutally. The early chance of Sanchez could have a goal, yet he missed. And the funny thing is, he got the ball due to the very poor pass by Sakho and Allen, who are treated as *so called* one of the best players.

Arsenal vs Liverpool Match Review 4 April

The Gunners’ attack was started by Cazorla in this match.

The Sterling and Coutinho pair was looking great but unfortunately, he failed to do anything. They started on-two between each other and attacked a couple of time, but Arsenal’s defense was too hard to break.

On 37th minute, the Emirate Stadium was trembled by the Arsenal’s fans for the first goal by Héctor Bellerín. Bellerín scored an awesome goal with the assistance of Ozil, what Mignolet failed to save. That was the starting.

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Just after 3 minutes of scoring the first goal in this match, the German Zidane aka Ozil scored another goal. Just a step up and huge curl broke down The Red’s wall. Right after 5 minutes, the most emerging player of World Cup 2014 and a star of Arsenal, Alexis Sánchez shot the ball from the penalty box, which helped The Gunners to lead the match by 3-0 in first half.

The second half was full with attacks and defense – though first half was better.  The German midfielder, Emre Can got was sent off for his aggressive reaction on the referee’s decision. Although, the second Yellow card was much controversial. He slipped but unintentionally, that turned out to a brutal tackle on Wellbeck and eventually, that resulted the second yellow card.

In this match, Sterling played better than other mates did. To stop him in the penalty box, Bellerin made a poor tackle what resulted penalty that they used successfully. The only goal of Liverpool scored by Henderson in the penalty. After that, though, both teams made few opportunities but all of them wasted in various ways by various players.

At last, the match was ended with another goal by Arsenal’s forward, Olivier Giroud. Mignolet, who was a dependence of Liverpool, failed to prevent his team from being defeated by 3-1. Olivier Giroud’s shot was not so good, yet he scored due do goalkeeper’s fault.

Arsenal vs Liverpool 4 April 2015 Goals

Wrap Up

Is Liverpool feeling the lack of Gerrard, who was sent off after 38 seconds in second half? Although, Sterling and Coutinho did their job as enough as possible, but they didn’t get anything. After this match, Arsenal, which was standing on 3rd position in EPL table, is now standing on 2nd position with 63 points and Manchester City is now on 3rd position.

It is going to be a dramatic day for The Citizens since they may lose their 3rd position, if Manchester United gets a win against Aston Villa.