Arsene Wenger Blamed Sky Sports For Time Conflict

The Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger has ascribed Sky Sports and Premier League for setting up a Premier League match at the (quite) same time, when the FA cup semifinal between Reading and Arsenal will be started out.

Gunners will play FA cup semifinal in opposition to Reading at Wembley Stadium, which will be broadcasted at 12:20 PM (ET).

Arsene Wenger Blamed Sky Sports For Time Conflict

Unpredictably, another Premier League fixture is scheduled to be commenced from 12:30 PM. This is certainly one of the most thrilling fixture in Premier League since this match is going to be played between the first position holder, Chelsea and third position holder, Manchester United.

The Premier League fixture was set by Sky Sports and Premier League in February, when they had no idea about the competitors or any other matches. Conversely, the broadcasting part of FA Cup semifinal match was set by Sky Sports and Football Association.

The whole schedule conflict is the source of this contradiction, which has come frontward across the media. In the press conference, Arsene Wenger has said that,

I’m surprised that they did not analyse that in television deals because basically what happens there, it is something that should have been planned, that two television channels who pay a lot of money for football, have conflicted interests in promoting games. That inside the country shouldn’t happen.

In accordance with the Gunner’s manager, both matches are equally important with regard to their respected leagues. The first is FA cup semifinal when the other one is between two ongoing rivals of Premier League.

According to him, there isn’t any levels of competition in between those two leagues. On the same, he stated,

No, you would like it to be the unique competition that is played. Especially a semi-final and a final. You would want it not to conflict with other competitions. It is a surprise to me.

Premier League along with other leagues fixture usually broadcast on SkySports. SkySports has preferred the Chelsea vs Manchester United match to send out and that is the second reason why Wenger blamed SkySports completely.

This matter knocked the media’s door a couple weeks back, when BBC and FA had possible opportunity to reschedule the match, what we have witnessed in a variety of circumstances.

Nonetheless, they didn’t turn back and instead they retained their primary choice. Wenger further said,

Something should be done about it