Arsene Wenger booed by Arsenal fans at the Emirates

Arsene Wenger booed by Arsenal fans: How many can believe this? But, YES! Arsene Wenger was booed by the frustrated Arsenal fans at the Emirates Stadium. Arsenal fans lost their control and patience completely after the Gunners threw away their best chance to claim the English Premier Title this season. Arsenal have not won a league title ever since 2004 and it looks like the fans have finally come to a decision.

Arsene Wenger, the most respected figure at Arsenal who is considered as the father of the Emirates Stadium as it is his intelligence that helped Arsenal built their new stadium. But, everything in this world has a limit and so does Wenger’s reign at the Emirates. He joined Arsenal back in 1996 and is with the club for almost 20 years now. Wenger is Arsenal’s best ever manager in case of trophies won despite not winning any competitions from 2004-2014.

Arsenal had big financial problems and it is Wenger who solved all of them with his brilliant transfer policies. He nurtured youth talents, made them players and sold them for a good fee which helped Arsenal to reduce their debts considerably. Arsenal are free from any sort of financial problems in the recent years but yet Wenger stood firm on his belief in youth talent. He did not rush to the market to sign players every year. So the fans were happy with the belief that their club will find it’s lost glory at least in future.

Arsenal fans’ hopes increased when Wenger signed Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil from Barcelona and Real Madrid respectively. The fans thought this year is their’s as they believed the club will win it’s League title after a long 12 years waiting. At the start of the season, everything looked positive and Arsenal were the clear favorites to win the EPL this season. But as for now with just 10 games to play, Arsenal have lost their momentum and are struggling in the league.


The Gunners lost to a young and injury-plagued Manchester United last weekend which caused some noise from the crowd. Followed by the disappointment, the Wenger’s men lost the home game aginst Swansea last night. The fans were clearly very frustrated by the loss and they did not ready to satisfy themselves with a top 4 finish.

Arsene Wenger was booed when he took off Joel Campbell and the booes continued till the final whistle. The fans did not spare the players as every one of them was jeered when they entered the tunnel after the game. The Emirates crowd never seemed so angry at their players and especially their beloved manager Arsene Wenger before. The fans’ jeer explain only one thing; they are not ready to satisfy with a top 4 finish from now on, they want the PREMIER LEAGUE CROWN and the time is running out for Arsene Wenger.