Arsene Wenger Is Confident Against Chelsea Boss Jose Mourinho

Arsene Wenger is prepared to put an end to his ‘struggle for a win’ run against Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho. The Premier League legends will confront each other at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday, March 26. The Arsenal manager is confident to win against Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho and doesn’t think the past will affect his team.

Jose Mourinho vs Arsene Wenger

Why Arsene Wenger is Confident?

Chelsea is 10 points ahead leaving the second position for Arsenal. But this numerology is not shaking Wenger’s confidence. Arsene Wenger has drawn five and lost seven of his 12 conflicts with Jose Mourinho. Wenger replied in a conference on Thursday:

“We have not always lost, first of all, in 12 attempts. We have come close to beating them a few times and they’ve always had very strong teams,”

“I’m not a great believer in history. I just think football is down to the fact that the performance on the day will decide the game and the result, so let’s focus on that.

“We are on a good run and we have an opportunity to beat them at home, and we want to take it. From a good run of form you get a good belief and we have good solidarity. We know we have passed many tests recently where we were questioned.

“It is very important for us to beat them. I think everybody on board is highly focused to achieve it. We will prepare well to do that.”

Wenger is being very strategic and futuristic when he thinks.

He believes:

“Our game is so popular because it is not always predictable, that is why even if you finish first this season you can be three or four places behind next season.

“Chelsea have the championship in their hands but what we can do is get closer to them.

“We want to strengthen our position in second because it’s far from being done.”


Wrap up:

The Arsenal vs Chelsea on 26th March no doubt will be nerve chilling. Wenger’s desire to at last beat his old opponent may finally be materialized. The old conflict may take a new turn. Arsenal and Chelsea are the two greatest and best clubs in London, who have an old history of rivalry. Since October 2011 Chelsea are unbeaten against Arsenal. Right now Chelsea is almost sure about the win of the league, whether Arsenal is reconstructing their old fame and reputation.

just can’t wait for the final combat!