It has been 19 years: Arsene Wenger is the senior most manager in England present. The long-serving French man is Arsenal’s best ever manager in the aspect of winning the major titles. The veteran has won three Premier Leagues, Six FA cups and Six FA community shields with Arsenal. Though he is familiar for his beautiful style of playing football, he is known for some of his other specialties.

Arsene Wenger, the man who make it possible

Arsene Wenger, the man who make it possible

He is familiar for his discipline and coolness; seeing him harsh is really a rare scene. All his qualities earned him the nickname “Le Professeur”. He is a strong believer of Psychology and he conducted psychometric tests for his players every two years to ensure that they were mentally fit to his squad. Arsene is the guy who changed the way of things of food in English football as he introduced diet and nutrition in food which is appreciated by most of the pundits and many have started to use the method with their squads. And now it is a must.

Arsene Wenger is one of the kinds of manager in England football history who believes in youth development. Throughout his long career, he encouraged youths from the academy rather than buying stars. Even though he was criticized for his transfer plans, he never changed his methodology.

The drought of not winning the premiership is continuing still now and even Arsene also has started to invest on foreign players. The pressure and criticism he received from his own players who are nothing if Arsene was not there for them, have changed him a lot and today he is buying.

Arsenal can well be branded as “one of the best producers of Europe” and Wenger is the only reason for the pride. The list of players started their careers at Arsenal under Arsene have reached high standards is ENDLESS.

But we are fortunate only to list only the best three players who kick-started their life with Wenger.

Cesc Fabregas


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The Spaniard was recruited by Wenger when he was only 17 years old. From then on, Wenger worked with him Seven years and made him as one of the finest midfielders of Europe. The seven years is the base that Cesc had to build a strong career. Evidentially, the base is too strong and Cesc reached the skies but only with another tea,; Barcelona.

But unfortunately, Wenger gained nothing as Cesc left Arsenal to Barcelona in 2011 and he was just 24 at that time means, his fruitful times are yet to come. Cesc Fabregas is considered as the best ever product by Arsene Wenger.

A second chance was given to Wenger to make use of his own player in the summer of 2014 as Cesc decided to leave Barcelona and wanted a PL return. Arsene had a buyback offer in his hand to land the Spanish playmaker, but he threw his dices away and let his rivals Chelsea sign his player. It’s a big shock in the football world since Cesc Fabregas has expressed his wish to join his parental manager.

Ashley Cole


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The veteran Left back started his youth career at Arsenal before he made himself as one of the best LB’s in the history of football. After the days of Brazilian Roberto Carlos, Ashley Cole is considered as the best LB in Europe.

Being one of the best ever outcomes from Arsene’s School, the English man is now known as a ‘Chelsea Legend’. The legendary defender left Arsenal with distraught after he had a misunderstanding as well as a bad relationship with Arsene Wenger.

Jack Wilshere


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The emerging young man is really an Idol in his way of play. As a central midfielder, Wilshere can do all sorts of work as required. He can create, he can dictate, he can defend and he can also tackle hard. This guy is a complete package in the center of the park.

In years, there will be no surprise if Jack Wilshere was hailed as the best ever product of Arsene Wenger. He is capable of that and the future Arsenal captain can overtake his former captains’ glories. His potentials are nothing short of world class.

Wilshere holds the hope of Arsenal fans dream to land the Premier League title in Emirates and there are no doubts that he can deliver their long awaited Championship. But, the young man must focus hard and be obedient more to achieve the feat considering his misbehaviors.

Former England captain and one of the best midfielders of Europe: Steven Gerrard, once said, “Jack ticks almost every box….He is a lot better than your normal premier league midfielder. I have a lot of confidence in him”

The reason why we listed these players as the top three is they are created and developed at The Arsenal Academy.

If we consider the other categories (i.e) players identified and recruited by Wenger from all over the world, well, we can write a book. That list will be an endless one because Arsene is still doing his job better and better.

Thierry Henry: all time best goalscorer for Arsenal was a natural winger and Arsene Wenger made him as one of the best ever Center Forwards. Robin van Persie: who was a “troublesome” player at his former side was now one of the world’s best Strikers and the reason is Arsene Wenger. Dennis Bergkamp who became a peripheral player at Arsenal praised Wenger for getting the best out of him.

We can list a lot of players includes Samir Nasri, Kolo Toure, Bacary Sagna, Alexsander Song who all left Wenger and a host of youngsters like Theo Walcott, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Kieran Gibbs who are aiming for a bright future under Wenger.

After all the splendid works done by Wenger, he remains without a Premiership in his last eleven seasons with Arsenal which is not an issue to use bolds on it. The players left Arsenal and Arsene Wenger is also a reason for the drought. But Wenger never fed up as he continuing his work with his next set of YOUNGSTERS.

We may criticize him for his trophy-less seasons but the service he did to football will never be forbidden and it will remain in the History till the players developed by him remains in the History books.