Arturo Vidal is Set to Join Real Madrid

This is called a perfect cake and then a cherry on the top!!!!!! Arturo Vidal is surely in cloud nine after the glorious win in Copa America 2015. He may not have cherished the victory properly yet and he gets another reason to make the victory sweeter. Real Madrid have shown their keen interest in Arturo Vidal and now it is almost a confirm news that Arturo Vidal is joining Real Madrid.

Arturo Vidal

Arturo Vidal joining Real Madrid

According to the Chilean website ‘La Tercera’ the officials of Real Madrid visited Santiago during the final match of Copa America 2015 to sign the 28 years old Juventus Midfielder. It will be a five year contract. Though the La Liga giants still not disclosing the signing amount for Vidal, as per reports they want to negotiate Juventus’ asking price of €30m (£21.2m).

Rafael Benitez, the Real Madrid coach is too interested in Vidal after seeing the consistency of the player and according to Benitez, Vidal’s joining to Real Madrid will boost the power of the team and as the new manager Benitez has to offer something new and fruitful to prove his vision.

Arturo Vidal and other teams

Arturo Vidal is no doubt the current obsession of European managers. From Manchester United to Arsenal all wanted him in the respective teams. But due to various reasons none of them were able to sign him and Real Madrid grab the opportunity. As per reports Manchester United lost interest in the player after the news of his arrest last month in a drink driving case. And Arsenal moved his interest to Lisbon’s William Carvalho.

Arturo Vidal and his current form

The Chilean mid-fielder has been a key player for his team, through-out the Copa America 2015 tournament and scored 3 goals in the entire tournament and a penalty for his team in the final made his team win the Copa America 2015. Vidal proved to be the one, shielding his team whenever his team needed him.

His dedication for his team does not go unnoticed by the various European Giants and now he is part of one of them.

Wrap up

Upcoming European leagues will be more exciting than before due to many historical incidents of players leaving teams like Steven Gerrard, Pirlo, Frank Lampard and others. Now the latest news is Arturo Vidal is joining Real Madrid. The transfer window is yet to open. So brace yourselves a little more !!!!!!