Bale apologised to Cristiano Ronaldo

Gareth Bale has apologised to fellow Madrid teammate Cristiano Ronaldo after a comment by the Welsh man’s agent irritated the Portuguese. Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale has been reported unhappy with each other number of times before and this time Gareth Bale’s agent Jonathan Barnett caused some trouble with his insulting comments about the Ballon d’Or holder.

In an interview with English newspaper, ‘The Guardian’ Jonathan Barnett told his client is not interested in his body, hairstyle or selling ‘underwears’. Though Barnett did not use the word ‘Ronaldo’, the comments were really meant to insult the Portuguese superstar.

The players did not react to those comments at least in public, but as per the reports by Radio Marca the comment have caused a relationship gap between the players. Both the players went to play for their nations for the European Championship Qualifier games in with both of them brought success to their respective countries.

Bale and Ronaldo friends

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Gareth Bale won the Best Player of Wales award once again for his excellent services to his team. The Real Madrid star almost single-handedly promoted his nation for the very first time to the European Championship. Meanwhile, Cristiano Ronaldo is always the key for any success that Portugal gets.

Jonathan Barnett’s comments were highly controversial as it said to be affected the player’s already disbanded relationship. But news from Spanish media suggested that the Welsh star has apologised to his fellow forward as soon as he returned from international duties. They said Gareth Bale urged to Cristiano Ronaldo to explain the things.

It is also reported that Bale is considering to break the long-time relationship with Jonathan Barnett and is said to be consulting a legal action to deal the agreement with Barnett. Bale and Barnett were in a professional relationship for over 11 years and some wrong words by the later has all set to break that.

Amid all the speculations, this can give Real Madrid fans more happiness as this news confirms their top two forwards have a much better relationship than what was reported in the media.