Barcelona Youth (Under 17) Team May Come India to Play

It is come to news that Barcelona U-17 team may play in the BRICS U-17 Football Tournament as an invitee. The tournament will be held in India in April, 2016 and the tournament will be playing among the BRICS nations, which are Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

Barcelona Youth Team May Come India

Barcelona Youth( Under 17) Team May Come India to PlayImage Credit:

The event will be organized as a part of the agreement among the nations so there are five teams from the five nations are going to play. But the tournament will be consisted of six teams, five teams from five nations and a special invitee. For that Barcelona is invited.

Barcelona’s U-17 team is formed from the students of world renowned La Masia academy of Barcelona which produced most of the first team players of FC Barcelona as well as Spain, in that list there are legends like Xavi, Iniesta, Messi.

Lee Seung Woo the rising star of barcelona

The new rising star of Barcelona, Lee Seung Woo.

If everything worked out right Indian football fans will have the chance to witness the exquisite playing style the Spain could produce from the front row seats which is a really big deal for the Indians.

The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry is on the move to organize the tournament and make it a success.

The Sports Ministry of India enthusiastically addressed,

“Such events will raise nation’s standards and skill.”

Sports Ministry is hoping to make this tournament as a good practice session for the U-17 national team to be prepared for the upcoming FIFA U-17 world cup in 2017. The Indian U-17 team is already travelling in many parts of the globe and this tournament will be a bright touch for the practice of those young lads of India.

Joao Gilberto Vaz is the Project Leader and Tournament Organiser of the BRICS U-17 Football Tournament. He Stated,

 “Barcelona’s youth side could be part of the BRICS U-17 tournament, we are discussing that possibility,” he also added, “India has become an emerging football market with the Indian Super League and is a key player in all segments within BRICS.”

Joint Secretary at Sports Ministry Onkar Kedia has nothing but all the praise for the initiative as he said,

“Such tournaments will help India in making football popular in the country. Further it will help us raise our standards, skills and expertise.”

Wrap up:

It is a very big news for the Indian football fans as they will have the chance to show the glimpse of the world class football at their home-ground and not only that it will be helpful for the India’s young players will likely to be improved by the experiences of playing side by side with the La Masia’s finest and all other teams who are far ahead in the field of football.