Josep Maria Bartomeu, the 52 year old entrepreneur, will rerun the office of the president of Barcelona. In the Saturday’s vote Bartomeu beat his opponent Joan Laporta. Bartomeu got 54.63% votes given by the club members while Laporta got only 33%. The other two contenders are AgustiBenedito (7.16) and Toni Freixa (3.70).

Barcelona has almost 150000 club members and about 42720 of them attended to vote for the president. Now Bartomeu will run the office for six years.

Bartomeu re-elected as Barca president

Bartomeu re-elected as Barca president

Who is Bartomeu:  Bartomeu is a renowned businessman in Catalonia having companies like ADELTE (engineering for airports) and EFS (group of companies and electromechanical maintenance of terminal equipment). He is a long time member of Barcelona board. Formerly he worked alongside Sandro Russell as the head of the basketball section of Barcelona under Laporta’s presidency.

Bartomeu’s previous presidency:  Bartomeu took the charges of Barcelona after the resignation of Sandro Russell due to the issue of Neymar transfer fee case in January,2014 when the club was in very much troublesome situation. He had handled the club fairly. He resigned last last month as the election was coming and an interim committee operated between this time.

Bartomeu as a president: When Bartomeu took charges of Barcelona the club was in quite a conundrum. In one side the president resigned over the issue of tax fraud allegations and on the other side the club is facing a ban as they had charged with the accusations as the legendary La Mesia academy violates the FIFA rules of signing underage players. More on the misery the team have been performing poorly and failed to win any major trophy in 4 years and day by day the club was declining under the shadow of arch rival Real Madrid.

In this troubled time Bartomeu came as the president and act aptly. He gave importance to retain Qatar Airways as the club’s main sponsor while many were against this deal. This decision proved to be fruitful as the club overcame financial crisis andthe club strongly stand on its position once again.

Bartomeu also worked closely with the coach Luis Enrique and this helped the team to bring back in the winning track and last season the team won the rare treble for the second time.

Reason behind Bartomeu’s win

Bartomeu’s leadership takes Barcelona out of turbulent times. The club is now facing a new horizon from sinking to the bottom.

The more than good working relationship with coach and the team encouraged them to do something more in every time and supporters like that quality of Bartomeu over Laporta’s arrogance.

The winning of the treble had done the rest of the work to beat Laporta who is backed by the Barcelona legends like Cruyeff, Abidal, Pepguardiola.

Wrap up

Bartomeu did some great job at the Barca this season and the supporters are rest their believes on him once again and seems like he has some more to do and make the great club to become truly “Mesqueun Club.”