Bayern Legend slams Pep Guardiola

Bayern Munich and German footballing great Lothar Matthaus has criticised current Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola for not having the ‘real love’ for the club and it’s players. The former Barcelona manager is set to leave the German giants at the end of the season and is reportedly agreed on personal terms with an English Premier League club.

A lot of people including Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger criticised the former Barcelona manager for announcing his decisions so early. And Matthaus reflected Wenger’s comments saying the Spaniard will have a difficult five months in Munich.


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The 1990 World Cup winner and former Bayern Captain also questioned Pep Guardiola’s commitment for Bayern Munich, claiming the Spaniard has ‘no real love’ for the club or its players. He also revealed that the Bayern players have no good relationship with their coach and they may even turn their backs on their own manager.

Matthaus exampled Mario Gotze, a player who failed to improve under Pep Guardiola and reportedly had a torn relationship with the coach. Matthaus added club’s senior player and superstar Franck Ribery to the list if players who were not happy with Pep Guardiola, saying the French man had quarrels with his manager often.

“I don’t want to beat around the bush: There never was true love between Guardiola and the Bayern players. His hugs? It was all a big show”

Those were the words by the former Bayern Munich skipper. Matthaus is one of the Bayern legends who were not happy with Pep Guardiola’s approach, his treatment of German players and he has once again expressed his outrage.

Pep Guardiola has won back-to-back Bundesliga titles and in UCL, he only failed against the team who won the Title in the respective seasons. Yet, his achievements were not really meant for the club’s most successful players and most respected Legends.

The most capped German player also voiced his support for Mario Gotze who had average seasons with pep Guardiola to shine in the future and concerned that the German talent will be profitable under other coaches like Jurgen Klopp.