Best Transfer News of the Week [24 March]

The March of 2015 is full with tons of transfer news. Although, there is no guarantee whether they are correct or not but, these news are confirmed by several football experts and newspapers.

[quote_center]Radamel Falcao[/quote_center]

Although, he is playing for Manchester United as a loan in player, yet, there is a high chance to see him as a either Chelsea or Liverpool player after from this summer, when his contract will be lifted.

[quote_center]Cristiano Ronaldo[/quote_center]

The home grown player of Manchester united, Ronaldo, is now playing for Real Madrid in La Liga. According to Sky Sports, he can come to Manchester City or Manchester United. Although, we haven’t got any reliable source to confirm it but, we have seen that ex-coach of Manchester United met him in a dinner and asked him to join this read giant football club. However, apart from Manchester United, there is another possibility to see him as a Manchester City player.

[quote_center]Angel di Maria[/quote_center]

According to some sources, this Argentine attacking mid-fielder, Di Maria has asked his manager to start finding a new club. There is a chance to come to either Barcelona or Paris Saint German. Currently, he is playing well and in the previous match against Liverpool, he took an important part in the second half. However, there might have some problems and that caused the intension of being transferred.

[quote_center]Ashley Young[/quote_center]

At first, Watform. Then, Aston Villa and now he is playing at Manchester United. However, his contract is about to end at the end of this running session. After that, he can leave Manchester United and may join Chelsea.

[quote_center]Branislav Ivanovic[/quote_center]

Ivanovic, one of the main defenders of current leading team, Chelsea, may leave his current club and join Bayern Munich. He has been playing in English Premier League for a long time now and he himself wants to make a move towards German club. On the other hand, Bayern Munich is also interested to acquire Ivanovic after this current session.

[quote_center]Gareth Bale[/quote_center]

The one B of BBC combination of Real Madrid is ready to go to either Manchester United or Manchester City. Although, there is no such official resource but still, according to some predictors, Bale may join on of these clubs.


Sterling, who has played dramatically from the left wing of Liverpool against Manchester united, is also a target of Bayern Munich. Raheem Sterling has not shown any interest to make a move towards Bayern Munich but the club officials are ready to assign this winger. On the other hand Manchester City is ready to pay £50m.

Please Note: These are just rumours. The author and the website isn’t liable for any inconvenience.