Best Twitter reactions to Diego Costa Incident!

That’s how you can contribute even if you are a flop as a player the whole time. However, the 2-0 win for Chelsea will not deliver them any confidence to be fair within, but has surely shown Diego Costa’s witty attitude; some would say degrading towards the spirit of the game. We hereby deliver you the  twitter reactions  to Diego Costa incident.Twitter reacts to diego costa performance

Throughout the whole game, both the teams has displayed loads of blunders on the pitch, but to be frank, Chelsea FC and their poster boy Diego Costa singlehandedly earn the host team, their much needed three points.

How Diego Costa Managed to do it?

In the 44th minute of the game, Diego Costa gets into a rough moment with Koscielny; grabbed his face and swung his arm around. After the incident he lands a chest bump crashing Koscielny into the ground. Now, Gabriel comes in and joins the incident immediately and gets into a fight with Diego Costa. They were shown yellow cards and the matter was ought to get closed.

But here is why Costa delivered the first blow to the gunners; after the incident Costa continued the chatter with Gabriel, irritating him thoroughly. Gabriel lost his mind and had a delivered; well I would like to say, a scorpion kick, destine to the testicles of the Chelsea forward. Referee catches the incident; well Costa guarantees that; and the next thing we see, Gabriel out of the match prior to a Red Card. The golden moment not only delivered Chelsea a one man lead, but also confirmed a desperate Arsenal side to take on!

Other than this incident, the man had actually no impact, on the game. yes he earned couple of free kicks of them them was rewarded with the Zouma header, but that too was way out of the box. The players only attribute to the game was; making Arsenal fell short of men.

This small incident would deliver a lot of notes to be work upon. Yes the degrading attitude by this “Old Man”; come on, we also can put on some sarcasm; knows how to gets into a man’s ultimate nerve on field and how to make himself look good by not committing a single foul rather than the one, he was carded for!

Here are the best twitter reactions  to Diego Costa; we have collected out of the incident. Have a look

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