Top 5 Less Known Facts You Don’t Know About Murillo : Best Young Player of Copa America 2015

Copa America has just been over and now it’s time to check who wins what. After a sensational win over Argentina, the host nation has made a record. This is the first time Chile have won Copa America. Anyway, the prize giving ceremony took place following the final whistle. If you do not know anything about winners of various awards, here you go. The Colombian center back, Jeison Murillo has won the best young player award of Copa America 2015. Here are some unknown facts about Murillo you should know about.

Top 5 Less Known Facts You Don’t Know About Murillo : Best Young Player of Copa America 2015

Unknown facts about the best young player of Copa America 2015 : Jeison Murillo

Actually, here are some important news what are going on in his carrier. This 23 years old Colombia has played brilliantly and now it’s time to dive into his achievements.

Murillo scored the only goal for Colombia in Copa America 2015

Although, Colombia played the quarter final of Copa America 2015, yet, they scored only one goal in 4 matches. And the only goal was scored by this young player. After a defeat to Venezuela, Colombia needed to win for being qualified for knock out stage and Murillo did the exact thing what any team was in need of. He scored against Brazil, which was knocked down in quarter final. Being a center back, he is a reliable player for Colombia.

Murillo helped Colombia to get a clean sheet against Argentina

Argentina, which seemed to have the best attacking midfielders and forwards, failed to score in regulation time against Colombia in first knock out match aka quarter final. Obviously, Ospina performed the best but Murillo blocked Argentine forwards more than a dozen times. Therefore, Murillo certainly had a huge role behind the success.

From Udinese to National Football Team of Colombia – a difficult journey

Although, he started his carrier with Colombia’s U17 team for which he was appeared in 6 matches, yet, it was a very difficult time for him after 2011. He played for a Serie A club called Udinese in from 2010 to 2011. Following that, Granada B loaned him and he was appeared in 22 matches as a center back. However, the most beautiful thing is he got the chance to join Granada and left the “On Loan” tag. Thereafter, in 2014, he represented his country in national jersey against El Salvador and now he is playing for the senior team.

Murillo’s carrier statistics

Club Football

Granada B2010-2011222
Cadiaz (Loan)2011-2012273
Las Palmas2012-2013373


In national jersey

2009Colombia U1761
2011Colombia U2040

Inter Millan Signed Murillo

The Italian football club, Internazionale has assigned this 23 years old Colombian center back. Murillo has signed a five year contract with Inter Millan for €8m. After leaving Granada, he is going to be an important part of Inter Millan, which is standing on the verge.

Wrap Up

This man surely has a bright future. He has successfully lifted the best young player of Copa America 2015 award by playing only 5 matches in this tournament. Obviously, 5 match is more than enough to prove yourself in a big tournament but this is quite difficult to do something extraordinary when you belong to a team like Colombia. At the same time, he has won best young player of Copa America 2015 even after having some tough contenders like Gonzalez, Countinho, Arias etc.