Neymar Failed, Brazil Failed : Top 5 Talking Points of Brazil vs Colombia Match

Although, Brazil won the match against Peru with a difficult winning goal, yet, they failed to continue the win against Colombia since Colombia’s early goal was enough to defeat Brazil with 1-0 lead. This is probably for Brazil’s dependence on the Barcelona’s star, Neymar, who failed dramatically in the first half and tried to dominate in second half. However, at the end of the day, the score is still 1-0. Here we are going to talk about top 5 things, what happened in the Brazil vs Colombia Copa America 2015 match.

Murillo in Brazil vs ColombiaMurillo in Brazil vs Colombia

Image Credit: Copa America Official Website

Brazil’s Reliance on Neymar Ruined The Match

From the past World Cup, Brazil has started relying on Neymar and that is probably the one of the reasons, why Brazil has defeated against José Pékerman’s boys with 1-0 lead. In the first half, Neymar failed totally. However, in the second half, he made couple of balls and got help from wingers, but still failed. His aggressive gameplay was greeted by a Yellow card. In fact, he got the red card as well. [more info are written below]

Attack vs Defence in the First Half

Colombia’s attack lineup dominates Dunga’s defense. The defensive gameplay of Brazil team failed in the first half and in this when the score line touches 1-0 by Murillo’s simple shot within the box. Nevertheless, the second half started with some attacks by Brazilian strikers but still they missed couple of opportunities.

Firmino Missed the Best Chance

roberto-firmino failed

The attacking midfielder of Brazil, Roberto Firmino missed today’s best chance to score the equalizer goal. Murillo made a mistake by passing back and Elias was able to capture that. However, Firmino missed the simple cross inside the box.

Cuadrado was Colombia’s ‘Neymar’

Generally, the world think Neymar is the best player of current Brazil team and somehow that is right. From the early minute Juan Cuadrado played really awesome and his free-kick helped Murillo to score. In fact, he kept playing well in the second half as well.

Neymar’s Red Card

This is  probably the worst thing happened in the Brazil vs Colombia Copa America match. Neymar was much aggressive and this thing paid off really well. After the final whistle, Neymar and Bacca got the red card because of their arguments. Hence, beautiful match ended with a filthy fight between two teams.

That simply means, Brazil will have to play against Venezuela without Neymar. Can you imagine what is going to happen?


There should not be any problem for Brazil to qualify for the knock-out stage since they have won against Peru in their starting match. However, Dunga will certainly need to apply new strategies in upcoming matches. Already, loads of controversies are flying around and now he needs to be ready to get more.

At the same time, Colombia shows a huge improvements since the past match. Even after defeating against Venezuela with 0-1 lead, they have defeated such a team, which used to be the world’s best team.