Dunga’s men have lost to Paraguay with a 4-3 score line on penalties. Brazil and Paraguay match has just been over and Paraguay have qualified for playing against Argentina in Copa America 2015 semi final. Here is the Brazil vs Paraguay match report  and highlights on what you can talk about.

Brazil vs Paraguay Match Report

Brazil vs Paraguay Match Report

Worst Brazil Team of Last Decade

A bad time is going on for Brazil since last World Cup and it is continued in Copa America 2015. There is nothing left in this squad. Although, Neymar gave a obscure hope through the first match of Copa America 2015, yet, after that, Brazil team has just forgot how to play big tournaments. This is probably the worst Brazil team of last decade, which has no idea how to make a strong midfield, how to shoot a penalty and how to finish the match in 90 minutes. The only goal came from Robinho after tons of difficulties. Although, he tried to fill up the lack of Neymar in Brazil team, but eventually, he failed as well.

Thiago Silva has Nothing Left

The Selecao defendar, Thiago Silva was just another average player. In the club football, he played brilliantly for PSG but he was nothing in front of Paraguay forwards. Brazilian defense could be stronger if Thiago Silva did something except trying to clear the ball. Not only Thiago Silva, another right back, Dani Alves was too bad. After watching the match, everyone will say Romero knew how to crack this Barcelona’s right back.

Without Neymar, Brazil do not even know how to score

Brazil was dominated by Neymar in the first match, which ended up with 2-1 score line in favor of Brazil. However, that was begining and ending of Brazil’s run in Copa America 2015. Following that match, Brazil encountered with laods of problems dure to a perfect finisher. The same thing was continued in Brazil vs Paraguay match of Copa America 2015 quarter final. Brazil do not have any goal scorer. The only goal was scored by the old brazilian, Robinho. Brazil surely in need of a forward, who knows how to score.

At the same time, Firmino was just an average player. Although, a lot of people were trying to compete thin man with other Ballon d’Or winners for his dribbling strength, yet, he is just an average outcome of Brazil.

Derlis Gonzalez – Glimpse of hope for Paraguay

Derlis Gonzalez, probably the most valuable player of Paraguay. This 21 years old striker has the guts to play shopisticated football against big teams like Brazil. When Paraguay was in need of a goal to equalize the score,  Gonzalez did the exact thing. After playing all 4 matches for Paraguay,  Gonzalez scored one goal. However, his dribbling capacity, through ball holding etc. were just perfect for Paraguay to lift up this team in Copa America 2015 as well as in future. Santa Cruz needed a man to play wall and  Gonzalez seems to be perfect.

Paraguay matching up with both Brazil and Argentina

Paraguay have the talent to compete with world class teams such as Argentina, Brazil etc. No matter, what is the situation, this team know how to overcome that roadblock. The most beautiful thign is they alwasy have a plan B, which has helped them to draw the match against Argentina as well as win against Brazil. Paraguay drew the match against Argentina with 2-2 even after lagging behind them. The same thing was shown by Paraguay against Brazil in Copa America 2015 quarter final. A buoyant future is waiting for this team.

Final Word

Obviously, this was not Brazil. World have never seen such a bad performance by Brazil. What is Dunga doing? As of now, a lot of controvercies are flying around him after the defeat to Colombia in group stage. Now, again, he should be ready to dominate more.