Copa America 2015: Brazil vs Venezuela Match Preview

Last match of Copa America 2015 group stage is going to end with Brazil vs Venezuela match at Estadio Monumental David Arellano, Santiago de Chile. Let’s check out the Brazil vs Venezuela match preview, team news and possible starting lineup.

Brazil vs Venezuela Match Preview: Copa America 2015

All the matches of other groups have already finished and the last two matches of Group C are left. When Brazil vs Venezuela match will take place, another match, Colombia vs Peru will be finished, almost. Therefore, if you are excited to know the Brazil vs Venezuela match preview, latest team news etc. here you go.

Copa America 2015: Brazil vs Venezuela Match Preview

Brazil is Copa America 2015

Although, Dunga’s side started this tournament with a 2-1 win against Peru, yet, the second match was much frustrating for them since they lost that with 1-0 lead against Colombia. Not only the defeat, but also their captain and the ray of hope, Neymar is currently out of the Copa America because of post-match fracas between him and Bacca. The traditional gameplay and quality of Brazil are missing in their strategy and that is probably a reason, why this nation is having a very tough time now. Without Neymar, Brazil will have more problems since they don’t have a good finisher, based on the performance in Copa America 2015.

Venezuela in Copa America 2015

Even after being not so popular, Venezuela has shown much improvement in this season. Although, thy lost to Peru for having 1-0 score line, yet, they secured a win against Colombia in the first match. S. Rondon is playing awesome as an attacker and his performance helped a lot to win against Colombia. Although, Venezuela has not won any Copa America match against Brazil in past couple of years, but, this time the score may say a different thing since Brazil is in trouble and Venezuela is playing good enough.

Dunga’s Strategy to Win against Venezuela in Copa America 2015

This man has to think a lot before implementing a striker since his team now needs a good finisher, who knows how to score – just like Neymar. Without having a set player in the final fixture, Dunga’s men will surely fall into trouble. At the same time, Firmino also needs to be careful since his sure shot goal could help him to score the equalizer against Colombia. We don’t think Dunga will make any major change in his strategy. The Liverpool’s star Coutinho may be in the starting lineup. He has said,

I’m ready. Neymar is our main player, but I’m ready to play.

What Did Venezuela Said about Neymar’s Sent Off?

Not only , Brazil but also Venezuela is also having a defender, who will watch the match from outside of the field. One of their good defenders, Fernando Amorebieta, also has a suspension due to the red card in Venezuela vs Peru match. However, the centre back of Venezuela, Fernando Amorebieta has said,

We knew that this group was quite difficult, but we must move fast from the defeat because it is Brazil. We’re going with a defeat, but we have the match against a favourite and that motivates us. We know what Brazil are, and without Neymar, we have the team to win.

According to him, Brazil is weaker without Neymar than with Neymar. And, he is somehow correct.

Copa America 2015: Brazil vs Venezuela Starting Lineup

Both teams will have a change and the lineup will be looking like this.

Possible Starting Lineup of Brazil against Venezuela

As Neymar is currently out of Copa America 2015, there is high chance for Coutinho to get into the starting lineup. Otherwise, almost everything will remain same.

Jefferson, Alves, Miranda, Silva, Luis, Willian, Elias, Fernandinho, Fred, Firmino, Coutinho.

 Possible Starting Lineup of Venezuela against Brazil

As their defender is having match suspension, Venezuela will also play without a set man.

Baroja, Rosales, Vizcarrondo, Tunez, Gabriel Cichero, Rincon, Seijas, R. Vargas, Guerra, Arango, Rondon.

Gabriel Cichero is not confirmed though.

Brazil vs Venezuela

21 June 2015, 18:30 (UTC-3)

Estadio Monumental David Arellano, Santiago de Chile

Everything You Need to Know About Point and Chance to Get Qualified for Quarter Final

All the Group C teams of Copa America 2015 are having 3 points each and zero goal difference. Therefore, there is nobody who can provide confirmed news about those teams, who will get the approval to play quarter-final of CA2015.

First thing first.

Winning team will play the quarterfinal since all of them are having same points.

If any match ends up with draw, Goal Difference will be considered to get the approval of quarterfinal. If GD becomes same, Goal Scored will be considered.

In simple words, nothing can be said at this moment.

Brazil vs Venezuela Score Prediction: Copa America 2015

Brazil 1 – 1 Venezuela

Wrap Up

A tough time is coming soon for Brazil and Dunga must have some other strategy to overcome this. Although, he tried to apply second plan in the second half against Colombia, yet, he failed. However, now he needs to implement another man in the place of Neymar and has to think with him. On the other side, Venezuela has to win this match, if they want to play quarter-final. If they make draw, the goal difference should be better.

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