Brazilian rising young star set to join Barca

Gerson Dos Santos or only Gerson is a fresh talent from Brazil who plays for Fluminense FC as a modern attacking midfielder and also can play as flamboyant winger. His performance makes many to compare himself with the French youth star Paul Pogba. Latest news is Gerson Dos Santos joins Barcelona.

Gerson Dos Santos joins Barcelona

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Gerson Dos Santos joins Barcelona

Gerson’s impressive skills caught the eyes of a numerous European giants and the young player get under radar of the respective clubs’ scouts. According to reports, EPL giants Manchester United and Chelsea have been pursuing from 1 year to tempt him to their clubs and made an excellent exploring.

However, the young talent from Brazil wants to join Barcelona, current European champion rejecting voluptuous offers from the EPL duo.

His father told to Mundo Departivo in an interview,

“Gerson will be staying with Fluminense for now and then join Barcelona in January.”

He also stated,

“We appreciate the interest of other teams, because it is a sign that Gerson is doing well, but we have taken our decision. He wants to play for Barcelona. That has always been his dream. Barcelona is the perfect club for him to grow. Gerson is ready to challenge for a first-team spot, but he is in no rush. He still has plenty of room for improvement. He will be one of the best players in the world in two years’ time.”

Gerson Dos Santos and his talents

This young Brazilian midfielder has lot of quality to be the next big thing in the world football. He is an excellent dribbler and uses his creativity to assist his teammates. He has an exceptional precision while passing and shooting and very good at playing through balls and in an unpredictable moment takes unpredictable shots on goal. He is also much more effective while playing as a free midfielder. He also can beat an opponent with some cult tricks in samba style.

Gerson Dos Santos: pros and cons

Here we have given a the approx pros and cons of this real talent. No doubt Gerson Dos Santos joins Barcelona.

Gerson’s pros:

– creativity

– vision

– dribbling

– technique

Gerson’s Cons:

– pace

– acceleration

– long shots

Wrap up

Gerson Dos Santos joins Barcelona. the news is more than exciting for all the Barca fans around the world. But we know this is not it. every day is now striking with a new news of signing.