Chelsea should have sacked the players, not Jose Mourinho – John Terry

The Chelsea captain expressed his frustration on seeing the BEST manager Chelsea have ever had sacked for the second time but is confident that his side will put aside all the allegations and come out stronger.

John Terry is one of Jose Mourinho’s disciples over the last two and half seasons and the duo has a very good relationship on and off the field. Though the Blues player-head can not do anything in the decision to sack arguably the world’s best manager, he did not fail to express his anger on some of the players who were reasoned for Mourinho’s sack.


John Terry applauding the fans (Image Credit:

Terry told the media that some of his teammates do not deserve to be in the team and should have faced the sack instead of the manager. He also advised the players to take responsibility for the team’s position this season and asked them to ‘deliver’ on the pitch rather than behind the screens.

John also revealed the difficulties in sacking the ‘whole team’ and is sad that everything fell on the manager’s head and the players can not do anything to prevent that.

The Chelsea captain further commented about the team’s stunning performance against Sunderland last weekend when the Blues scored two goals in just 15 minutes. The Blues won the game by 3-1 after 90 minutes, but the most eye-catching thing is the PLAYERS! They all showed some ‘desire’, ‘dedication’ and ‘thirst’ for goals which we have not witnessed from the blues since the start of the season.

The recent boost the players have shown has led Terry to hope for a Top 4 finish this season for which the chances were very slim. The Blues need to win almost every game to have any chances of making it to the Top 4.

Guus Hiddink has just overtaken the club duties and Terry is confident that the former manager’s return will surely lift them up in the league table.