Chelsea vs Stoke City Match Highlights 4 April 2015

The defense and attack match came to an end with an incredible win by Chelsea over Stoke City with 2-1 from Loïc Remy and Eden Hazard.

First Half Highlights of Chelsea vs Stoke City 4 April

First half started with an extremely exquisite shot by Remy, which was saved by Asmir Begović. FYI, Remy replaced Diego Costa in the first half. His quick react changed the ball’s direction right away. In the first 45 minutes, Remy, Hazard, Willian ruled over the POTTERS.

Chelsea vs Stoke City Match Highlights 4 April 2015

Despite having eleven players on the field of Stoke City, only one player was able to attar by fans and that is Asmir Begović, the Potters’ goalkeeper, who saved a lot of shots. Hazard was looking confident and played well but, the finishing was poor. That is the reason, why The Blues didn’t get any goal till 38th minutes.

Though, in most of the times of first half, ball was flying around in the right side where The Blues were attacking their match rival, N’Zinzi powerful right-foot shot was just few inch away from bar post. At the same time, the counter attack was also awesome. Chelsea’s players including Oscar, Hazard and Remy played one-two multiple times, yet they failed to finish.

On 39th minute, Chelsea got their goal of this match from a penalty for a wrong tackle of Willian in the penalty box. The shot was taken by Hazard, who used his penalty shot tactic and the goalkeeper failed to save.

Just after a couple of minute after Checlsea’s goal, Charlie Adam scored the equalizer goal from 65 yards. YES! It is 60 meter. And most importantly Stoke City’s curse of scoring zero goal in last six matches in EPL against Chelsea blew away with Charlie Adam’s sensational goal. Adam’s goal is probably the best goal in this season.

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Second Half Highlights of Chelsea vs Stoke City 4 April

After an incredible come back of Stoke City in the first half, they repulsed their fans in the second half. At the same time, Chelsea’s fans were pleased to see Diego Costa, who could have missed this match, came back in the place of Oscar in the second half and assisted the Blues to keep attacking. But, unfortunately, he was replaced for his injury after 11 minutes by Drogba.

On 61st minute, Remy scored his first goal of Chelsea vs Stoke City match on 4 April and restored the lead of Blues. The assistance of Eden Hazard was straightforward yet proficient.

Player of the Match (By FootballLens)

The player of the match of Chelsea vs Stoke City is Asmir Begović, who saved more than five sure goals with his sensational tactics, though he failed to save two of them.

Record Broken and Kept after Chelsea vs Stoke City on 4 April

  • Potters had not scored any goal in laxt six matches against Chelsea in English Premier League but, now the there is no such negative record of Stoke City since Charlie Adam scored an incredible goal from 60 meters.
  • Chelsea have been unbeaten 15 times now in home ground.

After 4 April 2015, Chelsea have kept their position with 70 points, Arsenal is on the second position with 63 points, Manchester United have improved their position – now they are on third position with 62 points.

Wrap Up

Throughout the entire match, the Brazilian midfielder, Willian, made loads of opportunities but Chelsea had fewer players, who can turn them into a goal.