Chicharito: Cristiano’s Goal Obsession Makes Him The Best

Despite of all the controversy few days before, the Real Madrid striker Javier Chicharito Hernández, currently on loan from Manchester United has praised his teammate Cristiano Ronaldo. He thinks Cristinao’s goal obsession makes him best in the world.

Cristinao and Chicharito

The Mexican international didn’t get enough playtime in all season. But in absence of Karim Benzema, he has scored important goals for the team. His goal against Atlético Madrid was crucial in UEFA Champions League Quarter Final, which was provided by none other than Cristiano Ronaldo.

There was lots of controversy over Cristiano’s gesture on last Wednesday against Almeria, when Ronaldo was waiting in the 2nd bar, but Arbelao came in between and scored for Madrid. After Arbeloa, now Chicharito defends his teammate on his recent interview.

Madrid striker Chicharito believes this particular mentality makes him best in the world, he is always competitive, hungry for goals. He set his goal high and try to achieve it. Hernández feels it is a positive rather than a negative characteristic. The Portuguese talisman has already scored 39 goals and provided 15 assists in La Liga, scored 50 goals in all competition.

In his recent interview The Mexican international speak with Cadena Ser, he said:

“Is Ronaldo obsessed with scoring? He’s not the best in the world for nothing. He doesn’t conform, he always wants more. And without that mentality, you can’t be the best.”

“He does not get angry when you do not pass him the ball. Against Almeria I saw two white shirts in the box and it was Arbeloa who got the first touch.”

The Manchester United also talk about his situation in Madrid. He wasn’t sure to get a start when Karim will return from injury. He added:

“I don’t pick the starting XI and I can’t choose myself. I understand that because there is a world-class squad at Real Madrid and only 11 can play. All you can do is play, or wait. It’s part of football.”

He also talked about his future, he continued:

“Right now I’m getting to play but I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow it will be announced that I am signing for Madrid or going to another club. I’m in the best club in the world and the last thing on my mind is the future; I’m enjoying this moment.”

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Wrap Up

Without any doubt Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best of this generation. His competitive nature, aggressiveness, hardworking mentality is always praise worthy. He can silence his critics with his performance in next matches. When Karim Benzema will return, it will very hard for Chicharito to be in the first eleven despite of his heroics against Atlético. Javier needs to choose small club in summer to get more play time.
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