Chile Ended Their Trophy Drought On Home Soil

History has been rewritten as Chile won a major trophy for the first time in their history, thus ended their trophy drought of almost 99 years. They come out on top against Argentina in a nail biting final and crowned as Copa America Champion. It has been a commending performance from Chile throughout the tournament. The chokers in the big tournament turned their fortune this time. Here we are discussing some major factors which lead La Roja to the victorious campaign.

Chile Ended Their Trophy Drought On Home Soil

Chile celebrating copa america win

Jorge Sampaoli: Style of Play And Tactics

Jorge is the sole reason of Chile’s huge turnaround and Copa win. He made some changes and shaped this team in his own style. He is a fantastic tactician and good reader of opponent’s weakness and strength. His strategy was pitch perfect against Argentina to minimize their attacking threat by playing pressing football, keeping solid backline and use power against them. Apart from counter attack, he also put some ingredients of passing football and built up play in this Chile side. Putting Angelo Henriquez in 95th minute instead of Vargas was a tremendous decision from Chilean manager. His team never look tired in 120 minutes. Marcelo Bielsa has started the good work, now Jorge Sampaoli is taking them to reach new heights.

Claudio Bravo: The Savior

Cludio Bravo won the Golden Gloves of Copa America 2015, which itself justify his performance level. He has been rock solid between the three bars for Chile in the entire campaign. His two saves in first half keep them alive in the game. In the penalty shootout he saves Banega’s shot and almost seal the victory for La Roja.

claudio bravo

Triple V Factor: Vidal Valdivia Varagas

Vidal, Valdivia and Varagas were outstanding throughout the tournament. Varagas scored 4 goals and won the highest scorer trophy. It has been mesmerizing combination, passing and set up between this three. Narrowing down the space, creating space for attack, long ball and make fast move were their main task and they have been up to the mark. This three factor helped the Red One to come this far and win the Copa. Vidal scored 3 goals, so total 7 goals from the triple V.

Sanchez: Make It Count On The Final Day

The Chilean talisman enjoyed an outstanding season for Arsenal. So there was a huge expectation surround him. But he failed to surpass the expectation in the group stages, quarter final and also in semifinal. He was below his standard up to semifinal, but on the final day he makes things count. Performed brilliantly in 120 minutes and proved his worth in the final. The winning penalty kick justify his world class tag, coolness and composure.

Alexis Sanchez

Chile: Knocking At The Door Of World Football

This is a golden generation for Chile, so the message was very clear for them, either now or never. The home support boast their confidence and  La Roja capitalize their home advantage. They put their past behind and achieved success in major tournament for the first time.

They performed very well in almost every match. In the final game, they didn’t given a yard of space to Messi and Co., thus neutralize their attack to a certain extent. On the other hand, they tried to create space for themselves and attack constantly to put pressure on the Argentina back line. They were fantastic in every department, from defense to midfield to attack and without any doubt they are the deserving champion.

The emotion and celebration of the fans prove how can one major trophy  lift the entire nation. This win will definitely inspire and encourage their next generation. This is just a beginning for La Roja, more to come from them. The way they performed, they can be a dominant force in World Football.