AND the 21 days tight schedule is likely to end with Chile vs Argentina match of Copa America 2015 at Estadio Nacional Julio Martínez Prádanos, Santiago de Chile, which is known as the largest stadium of the hosts. Both teams are playing exceptionally and they have reached to the final of Copa America 2015 by playing on their own guts. Anyway, let’s look into the Chile vs Argentina match preview of Copa America 2015 final.

Chile vs Argentina Match Preview : Copa America Final

Chile vs Argentina match preview of Copa America 2015 final

Though, the hosts, Chile, have never lifted this trophy in the history of Copa America, yet, Argentina have previously won it 14 times. AND, if they won it yet again in this year they will touch Uruguay in terms of most times Copa America winners. In a simple line, two most deserving teams have reached to the Copa America 2015 final. Although, some teams have played effectively but Chile and Argentina are definitely the two teams, which are worthy of the CA 2015 title. Nonetheless, here is a succinct demonstration and team new in this Chile vs Argentina match preview of Copa America 2015 final.

Goalkeeper’s Strength and Weakness of Chile and Argentina in Copa America 2015

Goalkeeper’s Strength and Weakness of Chile and Argentina in Copa America 2015

Chile: UCL champions, Barcelona’s very own goalkeeper, Claudio Bravo continues to be playing a vital role to uplift Chile to such a position in Copa America 2015, where they reached after more than 28 years. He knows the best way to deal one-against-one situation, what is going to assist him against Argentina in the final. Sometime, Argentine players are going forward for long balls and these are where Bravo has the advantage.

Rating: 8

Argentina: When Argentine defenders failed, Romero helped La Albiceleste a lot from the goal line. Just like Bravo, Romero can handle the one-against-one situations. Although, in last two or three matches, he didn’t encounter any big issues except the penalty shootouts, yet, he played brilliantly in the group-stage. In 5 matches for Argentina, he has saved 9 sure shoot goals, as of now. However, sometime, he becomes quite excited after watching the success of his team. This is where he falls into trouble. The same thing happened in the Argentina vs Paraguay match of Copa America 2015 semi final.

Rating: 7

Defense’s Strength and Weakness of Chile and Argentina in Copa America 2015

Chile: Chile’s defense is good enough to play against big teams like Argentina. However, Sampaoli’s defense is playing an open game and this strategy may create problems since Argentina have some lethal forwards and midfielders such as Messi, Di Maria, Aguero and more. Therefore, their center back should not leave their position and fullback needs to support them and vice versa.

Rating: 7

Argentina: This is probably the weakest point in this Argentina squad for Copa America 2015. As of now, their aged defenders have got tons of problems for forward balls. On the other hand, Chile’s players are familiar with long balls. Therefore, Argentine defenders are going to face a huge problem because of this. In the semifinal, a little pressure from Paraguay’s side made difficulties on Argentina’s defense. They cannot overcome the pressure until midfielders come to help them.

Rating: 6

Midfield’s Strength and Weakness of Chile and Argentina in Copa America 2015

Chile: This team is consisted with some really good midfielders. Their midfielders are the heart of this team, which always create lot of difficulties for opponents. Actually, their midfielders can make really fast counterattack and this is going to be a plus point. As of now, Vidal, Marcelo Diaz, Valdivia, Pizarro, Charles Aranguiz etc. have played well. Vidal is known as a good goal scorer and this is why he can be a top goal getter in Copa America 2015.

Rating: 7

Argentina: Argentina defense always get success to escape from their weak points since balls get stuck in the midfield. Though, not the 100% credit but at least 70% credit goes to Mascherano, who generally plays in multiple positions. He is the medium between forwards and defenders. Argentina is currently depending on this man as he can take that pressure one handedly. However, he needs to keep his eye on Vidal, who can score from long distance. Alongside Mascherano, Pastore, Biglia and Di Maria are playing great. Although, Biglia was not up to the mark against Paraguay in Copa America 2015 semi final, yet, he was good enough in other matches.

Rating: 8

Forward’s Strength and Weakness of Chile and Argentina in Copa America 2015

Both teams are having the best forward lineup. Chile’s forwards are playing brutally and they can score from long distance. On the other hand, Argentina have picked up the winners’ luck at right time. From 4 goals in 4 matches including quarter final to 10 goals in 5 matches. This is where Argentina have the advantage, what is actually made by Argentine forwards. Having said that, Chile have scored 13 goals in 5 matches. This simply means, both teams are having most goals in this tournament.

Chile: The Gunners’ winger, Alexis Sanchez is playing good but his performance is not as good as it was for club football. Generally, he has the role of Left Wing in Chile squad for Copa America 2015. But, the problem is he is not able to adopt this position. May be, he is having some support issue, what he doesn’t get in English football. However, his lack of scoring goals for Chile is being fulfilled by other forwards such as Vargas etc.

Rating: 8

Argentina: This team has the strongest forward lineup, which has shown their efficiency in semifinal match against Paraguay. Although, Messi didn’t get a goal but his three assists helped Di Maria, Higuain and Rojo to make the score 6-1. On the other hand, Aguero is having his best form and this is going to a huge problem for Chile. Left wing is being handled by Di Maria, who can score anytime from anywhere and Messi is handling the right wing, who can break any roadblock. This is how Argentina is getting ready for one more clash against the hosts.

Rating: 9

Key players of Chile to keep an eye on in Copa America 2015 final

Eduardo Vargas: What a goal did this man against Peru in semifinal score! Although, he scored two goals, yet the second one was just more than awesome.

Arturo Vidal: Vidal is getting more furious every day. Argentina should always keep their eyes on this man.

Jorge Valdivia: This man is having #10 jersey and Chile know the reason. He is just the “Messi of Chile”. He has assisted three times to others to score goals. The most important assistance was against Uruguay.

Key players of Argentina to keep an eye on in Copa America 2015 final

Lionel Messi: Although, he is getting some issues in the right wing, yet, he is always as lethal for country as he is for club, Barcelona. If you ignore this man, you are going to make a big mistake.

Sergio Aguero: Perfect support of Messi. Since past few matches, he is playing awesome and he has scored 3 goals including in semifinal.

Angel Di Maria: Alike Vidal, Di Mari is getting furious everyday. He always create difficulties. The most interesting thing is he can score in any situation.

Chile’s starting lineup against Argentina in Copa America Final

Claudio Bravo, Miiko Albornoz, Mauricio Isla, Gary Medel, Jose Rojas, Charles Aranguiz, Marcelo Diaz, Jorge Valdivia, Arturo Vidal, Alexis Sanchez, Eduardo Vargas.

Argentina’s starting lineup against Chile in Copa America Final

Sergio Romero, Nicolas Otamendi, Ezequiel Garay, Pablo Zabaleta, Rojo, Angel Di Maria, Javier Pastore, Javier Mascherano, Lucas Biglia, Sergio Aguero, Lionel Messi.

Chile vs Argentina head to head

Chile FIFA Ranking: 19

Argentina FIFA Ranking: 3

Last 12 Meetings-

Chile Won: 1

Argentina Won: 8

Chile vs Argentina Copa America final score prediction

Chile 1 – 2 Argentina

Match: Chile vs Argentina

Date: 4 July 2015

Time: 17:00 (UTC-3)

Stadium: Estadio Nacional Julio Martínez Prádanos, Santiago de Chile

Wrap Up

Chile reached to the Copa America final for the fifth time and this time they have a good chance to change their history.  On the other hand, Messi has a good chance to win a trophy for his nation. Another interesting thing is Argentina have penalty shootout experience in this tournament but Chile have no such experience in recent past. This is why Chile can get into trouble in penalty shootout, if match goes to penalty shootout to decide the winner. A total sensational match is coming soon. Hope this Chile vs Argentina match preview will help you to know more about these two teams.