For the first time ever in Copa America history, Chile have won the trophy and Messi’s Argentina is still lagging behind them in the Copa America 2015 final. After showing a glimpse of hope to the Argentine supporters, they have just spoiled that in the Copa America 2015 final against Chile. Not only Messi, but also some other players like Di Maria, Aguero etc. were some key players throughout the entire tournament. However, in the final, Chile just demolished Argentina. Here is Chile vs Argentina match report of Copa America final.

Chile vs Argentina Match Report : Copa America Final

Messi and Higuain

The Defense Factor of Argentina

If Argentina have won all those matches then it can be said that opponents didn’t have any lethal strikers like Chile have. Some players Vidal, Valdivia, Vargas etc. have shown their ability to the Argentine defense. At the same time, the Gunners’ man, Alexis Sanchez was a nightmare of Argentine defenders. The same problem continued in the Chile vs Argentina match of Copa America 2015. They failed many times to block Chile’s forwards. Actually, it was not their problem. Chile’s forwards were much better than them, at least in the final match.

Higuain Seals the Defeat on 92nd Minute

Today’s worst mistake was Higuain’s 92nd minute miss. He just gave the Copa America 2015 title to Chile when he missed the almost sure shot goal. There was a timing problem and that ruined everything including Argentina’s dream to be a champion in Latin America. On the other hand, he also missed the 2nd penalty on penalty shootout. He was nothing but a mistake of Martino. When Argentina was in need of a player like Tevez, he asked to replace Aguero with Higuain.

Higuain missed goal

Messi was just an average outcome

In a line – Messi is not equal to Maradona in national jersey. More than a dozen times, he failed to prove himself when it comes to get a title for his country. Not only 2014 World Cup and Copa America 2015, but also he failed more other times in national jersey. In every big match, Messi always seemed to have more confidence than he should have. The same thing happened in this match against Chile and they lost to them, as usual.

Di Maria was replaced by Lavezzi. WHAT??

When an Argentina need Tevez, manager sent another average player to take such a crucial position of Di Maria. The formation was too bad that a senior and well experienced player like Tevez was sitting on the reserve bench and his team was playing like “Paraguay”.

Third Class Strategy of Martino

All those aforementioned things were done by the Argentine coach and as a result, Mascherano had to play even after being injured. When a team is playing final against a lethal attack, there should not be any place for an injured player. But, that is just a theory. In practical – in real game, the veteran Argentine player, Mascherano played even after having injury.

Not only the substitutions, but also today Argentina has no Plan B. The same plan was used in throughout the entire game including in Extra Time. Chile were good enough to crack that. However, Martino’s men was looking like audience, who are watching the match.

Why Banega? Why not Lavezzi or Mascherano?

Why did coach implement Ever Banega for the penalty shootout? Why not Lavezzi. Obviously, he scored from the same position against Colombia but this is final match against such a team, which have less record of missing penalties. In front of Lavezzi, Banega is not so good. He missed a crucial penalty even after Higuain.  If you skip Lavezzi, Argentina team is consisted with some more experienced penalty shooters such as Mascherano. But, still Banega was chosen instead of others and the result is in front of you.

The Chile factor

Chile – now the one word is enough to describe champions. A decade back, Chile started to stand out but they failed dramatically. However, now, this team has the guts to face any nation. A dormant endowment was reflected by Alexis Sanchez, who was one of the key players of Chile’s squad. At the same time, Vidal was awesome and made couple of counter attacks as well.

At the end of the day, the deserving team has won the Copa America 2015 title and the opponent still need to improve themselves. The first thing they need to do is to improve their defense.

Hope you have enjoyed this match.