Five Talking Points of Chile vs Peru Copa America Semi Final Match

La Roja have beaten Peru in Chile vs Peru Copa America semi final match at the largest stadium of Chile, Estadio Nacional Julio Martínez Prádanos. Even after playing (almost) 70 minutes, Peru was looking a bit dangerous in the initial minutes in second half. However, at the end of the day, Chile won the Copa America 2015 semi final match against Peru with 2-1 score line. Let’s check out the Chile vs Peru match report and highlights.

Chile vs Peru Match Report : Five Talking Points

Chile won the semi final match against Peru. Two goals were scored by Vargas and the Peru’s goal was an own goal, which was scored by Medel. Now, check out the Chile vs Peru match report here.

Chile vs Peru Match Report, Highlights

Vargas became top goal scorer (till date)

From an average to extraordinary – this is the path of Chile’s forward, Eduardo Vargas. After 4 matches, he had only 2 goals. However, now after 5 matches in Copa America 2015, he has become the top goal scorer as he scored 2 goals against Peru. The first goal was an average goal but the second one can be one of the top 10 goals of Copa America 2015. After scoring a same side goal, Vargas’s razing shoot from outside of the box was more than enough to make a lead. Right after 4 minutes of getting the equalizer, he scored an absolute beauty.

Peru’s 10 men were better than 11

The referee sent off Peru’s defender, Zambrano, within first 20 minutes after a clash between Aranguiz and him. Previously, he was having a little fight with Vidal when he got yellow card and his second chaos was enough to get punished. Obviously, Peru’s 11 men team improved a lot from the last match. But, the most interesting thing is their 10 men team was much better than 11 men team. After getting a man off, Cueva was replaced by Ramos and this is how Peru implemented their Plan B. Following that, Peru made couple of difficulties against Chile.

Vidal was not up to the mark

From fighting to poor on-target shoot, every where Vidal was presented on be half of the hosts of Copa America 2015. In the last match against Uruguay, he was probably the most damning player of Chile. Nevertheless, he failed many times to make difficulties against Peru. This man missed some shoot and made a poor free-kick in the first half. But, Peru’s defenders and goalkeeper were in trouble because of Vidal in the last few minutes.

Chile is getting more furious

As expected, Chile finished the semi final match in 90 minutes. This team is getting more furious every day. No matter, who is the opponent but Chile know how to create problems and how to overcome problems. Even though, Chile’s defenders were much agitated in front of Peru’s strikers, but they did their job very well. If any player like Vidal is having issue, Chile employ other players like Sanchez, Vargas, Isla etc. Although, he has not scored any goal till date in Copa America 2015, but Valdivia is playing awesome. He is the connecter between defenders and forwards. Being a midfielder, Valdivia is a nightmare of any opponent team.

Referee ruined the match, Again

Referee, J. Argote, was probably the most disgusting man in the Chile vs Peru semi final match of Copa America 2015. Although, he began the match with some good decisions, but later the match was ruined by him. Not only J. Argote, but also the assistant referee was not so good. Some poor decisions were made by them.

Final Word

Hope you have enjoyed the Chile vs Peru match report and highlights. Chile is only 90 minutes away from lifting the Copa America trophy. Who will be their opponent? Argentina or Paraguay?