Chile vs Uruguay quarter final match of Copa America 2015 has just been over, and we are already given a beautiful competitive kick-start to the knock out stage of Copa America. Let us have a quick look over the most significant five talking points of Chile vs Uruguay quarter final match report.

Top five talking points of Chile vs Uruguay Copa America Quarter-Final

Chile vs Uruguay Match Highlights, Report, Goals Copa America 2015

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The whole match was too exciting. However, the following list contains some most sensational moments and points of Chile vs Uruguay match of Copa America 2015 quarter final.

Vidal is getting more furious every day

This man, having three goals already is getting even more lethal every day. The box to box play, ball distribution, third-man move, long rangers everything is getting more intense in every match. After today’s game every opponents of Chile will have to take some time to make this player stop. It may involve an old theory of man-marking. Or it can be playing rough to make him stop. Either way, it’s going to real hard to deal with this player.VIDAL

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Uruguay is just clueless upfront, without Suarez

The absence of Suarez has left Uruguay in loads of questions. First of all, Cavani is not up to the highest level of football anymore and he felt short of support all through the tournament to have a positive forward pass even. The Uruguayan mid-field is an absolute zero. At 70th minute of the game, the defenders looked like they have been playing a 120 minutes match; such was the pressure on them.

Chile picked up too early; only thing to fear

The host nation has been playing the most beautiful game in Copa America. Pressing football thorough and through. Isla, Sanchez, Vidal, Varagas, Valdivia all are playing their role perfectly. The only hiccup remains that the team picked up quiet soon and can suffer a “law of average” in Semis or Final.

If stopped tactically, Chile struggles to find a way

After somehow stopping Chile for almost like 70 minutes, it was noticed that Chile was lacking a back-up plan or to be specific a game-read from the bench. The team has quiet some jewels back in bench also, but Sampoli lacked to launch any new idea, when the tactics were somehow serving Uruguay a survival.

Latin football remains the same

Chile vs Uruguay five talking points

An after match fight, is somewhat have been traditional to South American football. On a lighter note, the real trendsetter of the tradition were out in the field today stuffed up with enough football and aggression.

Chile vs Uruguay (1-0) Goals – Copa America 2015 Quarter Final

Chile vs Uruguay Copa America Quarter Final Highlights

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