The frustration was well expected. As the Mohun-Bagan legend Chuni Goswami had recently quoted

“Whatever Mohun Bagan achieves, East Bengal is the ultimate institute of Bengal football.”

Now the social media responses along with all the ex-Mohun-Bagani are giving hard reactions to the comment. Let’s check out how all the green and maroon blooded footballers responded.Chuni Goswami

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Subrata Bhattacharya (Babluda)

“Chuni Goswami has no clue about what he has been saying. He talks being completely out of his mind. May be his age is starting to get over his senses. The man who got all his recognition only through Mohun Bagan, it’s ridiculous to comment such on his own mother club.
Mohun-Bagan was the institute that introduced us to the world of football. Without Mohun-Bagan we could never become what we are today.
I think men like Chuni Goswami lacks moral stand. It’s better to idolise any other legend like Habib, rather than this opportunist.”

Satyajit Chatterjee (Football secretary, Mohun Bagan)

“It’s hard for me to believe that Chunida actually said those. If he was attending a ceremony of our rival club, he could have said whatever he wanted to about that club only but demeaning our own club is not in is right.”

Prasun Banerjee (Ex-footballer, State Minister)

“All three of MohunBagan, East-Bengal and Mohammedan are the top institutes of Bengal football. You can’t put any of them down, because they all have been serving Bengal football for decades, even centuries in case of Mohun-bagan. A man of his level, should talk less and sensitive.”

Manash Bhattacharya (Ex-footballer)

“He must be out of his mind. All the Olympic captains from Bengal were all Mohun-Bagan’s contribution. Himself was one of them”

Bidesh Bose (Ex-footballer)

“I don’t give much importance to what he says, neither should you.”

Kompton Dutta (Ex-footballer)

“History signifies the other way, Chunida is differing from it”

Shibaji Banerjee (Ex-goalkeeper)

“Chunida will have to explain this to Mohun-Bagan.”Mohun BaganChuni Goswami fires up

Wrap Up:

Well, it’s no wonder that all the Mohun-Bagani hearts were hurt with Chuni Goswami’s latest quote. A man of his level should be more careful about the choice of words. Facebook and Twitter reactions are creating a huge buzz around. Mr. Goswami will have to explain it to people.