The elite class football is talk of the town right now with the transfer window open and transferring of players with millions, is all we are reading in news everyday. But amid all these, one news may melt heart of all the football lovers. The separatist and rebel republics, to be put in simple words, the lands without a clear demarcation and with numerous unsettled issues with government, are getting united to play an alternative world cup called ConIFA Cup with those teams which are ‘not recognized’ by FIFA.

CONIFA Cup preparation for 2016

image credit: theguardian

Football Players from different unsettled lands of Quebec, Kurdistan, Western Sahara, Somaliland and other will gather to participate in Confederation of Independent Football Associations or ConIFA Cup next year.

Confederation of Independent Football Associations or ConIFA

Last year the big and bold attempt to challenge the hierarchy of football, these countries inaugurate ConIFA Cup with twelve teams in Sweden, where Country of Nice won in a 5-3 penalty over the Isle of Man. Confederation of Independent Football Associations has decided to organize the game in every next year; the second ConIFA Cup will be on 2016 in Abkhazia.

ConIFA Cup and initial difficulties

The foremost problem faced by ConIFA management is visa-issues, especially for the refugees living on the Chad-Sudan border. But as they say where there is a will there is a way. The Swedish government and the United Nations came up with help and because of their positive support the issue got solved in no time.

The second trouble was, not every country had a whole hearted welcome to this noble attempt. Azerbaijan’s Football Association wrote a letter to the Swedish FA and Fifa to complain, and wanted to ban the Nagorno-Karabakh team. But the request went in vain as the team got the permission to play as they participated in last tournament too.

The teams of ConIFA Cup

In their inaugural year the tournament started with twelve teams that within a year’s gap have turn out to be twenty six. The teams about to play the second tournament are Darfur United, Sámi national team, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, West Armenia, Cascadia, the Chagos Islanders, Occitania, Scandinavia, South Ossetia, Quebec and others. Among them the Chagos Islanders are the newest addition in the rebellious countries who announced their freedom from the British Empire just 50 years ago.

ConIFA Cup ranking

Occitania is best of all and Darfur United is weakest among all. The general secretary of ConIFA Cup Sascha Düerkop says

“We do neither recognise nor not recognise any countries specifically”

He also says

“We only recognise that football is played everywhere in the world – independent from political surroundings and status. We also recognise that people identify strongly with their nation – whatever they define as such.”

ConIFA Cup preparation for 2016

Abkhazia’s capital Sokhumi has declared proudly their new international-standard, football stadium along with some older stadiums getting prepared perfectly for the grand ceremony. Abkhazia’s officials promise a grand welcome for the teams and players will receive a royal treatment.

Wrap up

Well football has no boundaries. It needs a zeal and love for the game and not any governmental approval. Where all the elite players are buckling up for the upcoming football seasons, a small rebel and protest through the divine game is so much more precious for all of us, the worshiper of football.