Copa America 2015: Brazil vs Colombia Match Preview

A visual treat awaits for the viewers, when the two heavyweights of Copa America Brazil and Colombia will face each other in the most important match of Group C. The two favorites of this tournament is going to take each other at Estadio Monumental David Arellano in Santiago. Here is the Brazil vs Colombia match preview.

Copa America 2015: Brazil vs Colombia Match Preview

Copa America 2015: Brazil vs Colombia Match Preview

Brazil in Copa America 2015

The eighth time Copa America winner, Brazil has played their first match against Peru, won the match with a 2-1 scoreline and extend their winning streaks to 11 matches in a row. In spite of the win, their performance in the first match was not very convincing. The defense looks very clumsy and the midfield lacks of composure and vision. The performance of Neymar is only positive thing for them. They need to play better football, act as a team and improve in all departments with the progress of this tournament.

Colombia in Copa America 2015

They hit the rock bottom in the first match of Copa America, lost to Venezuela in Rancagua. They were very below to their usual standard,  disappointing performance from this talented Colombia side. Now it is a very uphill task for them to qualify in the knockout round. This team needs pick their form up and all the big guns need to shine and inspire the team at the right moment to survive in this tournament.

Coaches Angle and Strategy analysis in Brazil vs Colombia Match Preview

Dunga: He is tactically sounded, well reader of the game but often criticized for his pragmatic approach. His system, style of play or tactics is not conventional Brazilian style. But after the disgraceful lost in world cup 2014 semifinal, his method may not suit the eyes of football viewers around the world, but it is necessary to get back in track. In his post-match interview he said:

“Neymar is a decisive player. He has enjoyed a superb season with Barcelona. But the entire team is crucial. Neymar, Douglas Costa, Miranda they are all decisive. Peru caused us a lot of difficulties, especially in the second half. Jefferson did not touch the ball at all in the second half.”

When he was asked about the match against Colombia, he answered:

“We have to take things one game at a time. We will see what our strategy is against Colombia.”

Brazil team celebrating

José Pékerman: The ex-Argentina manager has taken charge of this team in 2012. He is known for management skills, tactics and style, prefers attacking football with passing and possession. He believes his team can bounce back despite the early defeat against Venezuela, but they needs to work hard. He said:

“We regret the defeat but congratulate Venezuela for being a great opponent. This is a typical opening match in the Copa America, where it always takes a little time to find the rhythm. Unfortunately in this game the result has not helped. We could not link the game and complete the passes that we usually do. We had difficulties.”

He also added that they are not going to change their style of play against Brazil.

Brazil’s Copa America Achievements

  • They are 8th time Winner of South American Championship / Copa America. Winners: 1919, 1922, 1949, 1989, 1997, 1999, 2004, 2007
  • Brazil is 11th time runner and  one of the successful team Copa America history. Runners-up: 1921, 1925, 1937, 1945, 1946, 1953, 1957, 1959, 1983, 1991, 1995

Colombia’s Copa America Achievements

  • They have won this tournament one time in 2001.
    They were runner up in 1975.

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Brazil’s players to keep an eye on in Copa America 2015

Neymar: He is the sole reason for Brazil’s victory against Peru. He inspired the team with one goal and one assist. Without him Brazil is looking like ordinary team. The result of this match will depend on him.

Willian: Apart from Neymar, the Chelsea player also enjoyed a decent game against Peru. His work rate, pace and involvement in the match was fantastic.

Others: Dani Alves, Miranda.

Colombia’s players to keep an eye on in Copa America 2015

James Rodríguez: He is the key man of this Columbia side. As he failed to inspire the team against Venezuela, the whole team bite the dust. In this important fixture he needs to play his natural game to give Columbia a chance to qualify in the next round.


Juan Cuadrado: The right winger is going to be crucial for this tie.  He is very good and effective when it’s come to dribbling, counter or play one two. His partnership with James has been fantastic, this duo needs to fire against Brazil to give Columbia the much required platform to qualify in the knockout stages.

Others: Jackson Martinez, Carlos Bacca.

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Brazil’s expected starting line-up:

Brazil Expected Eleven: Jefferson; Dani Alvez, Miranda, David Luiz, Filipe Luiz; Fernandinho, Elias, Willian, Coutinho, tardelli; Neymar

Colombia’s expected starting line-up :

Colombia Expected Eleven: Ospina; Zuniga, Zapata, Murillo, Armero; Cuadrado, Sanchez, Valencia, Rodriguez; Martinez, Bacca

Football Lens prediction of Brazil vs Colombia Copa America match result:

Brazil 2-2 Colombia

Match: Brazil vs Colombia

Date : 17 June, 2015 (South America & North America), 18 June 2015 (Asia, Europe & Africa)

Stadium : Estadio Monumental David Arellano

Time : 21:00 Local, 24:00 GMT, 5:30 IST

Wrap Up

Both teams started the tournament in a negative manner, still Brazil earned the crucial three points, whereas Colombia totally lost the plot.  It will be a do or die match for Colombia, in case of Brazil it’s their stepping stone for the next part of the tournament. So it’s going to be mouth watering clash between Brazil and Colombia.

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