Copa America 2015 Opening Ceremony

On 11th June, 2015 the world will be witnessing the biggest ceremony of South American football fever. The grand event of Copa America 2015 Opening Ceremony will be inaugurated with all possible grandeur in Chile, the host of Copa America 2015.

Copa America 2015

The preparation of Copa America 2015 Opening Ceremony

Esteban Icardi the organizer of the grand show is too hopeful about his work:

“We have been giddy with excitement these last few days because time is hurrying along however we have a rather large team who are preparing a beautiful show. It will be magical and with lots of surprises”

According to him

“Our show has been planned so the cast will not stand on the National Stadium’s pitch so as to take better care of the grass for the Copa America matches. Therefore, one of the surprises is that all participating countries will fly from the audience to the stage,”

The ceremony will take place at 18:00 local time (22:00 GMT) just before the first match of the season between Chile and Ecuador in Santiago’s National Stadium.

The rhythm and dancing feet:

This year Opening Ceremony will surely be special. Catalan Hansel Cereza who choreographed the Olympic Games opening function in Barcelona 1992 has been selected for the shows choreography. The official song of Copa America 2015 will be performed by its composer group La Noche de Brujas. “Come with me now” by South African band Kongos, “Pura Vida” by Don Omar, “Welcome to the Jungle” by the group Neon Jungle, Contigo” by Juan Magan ft Denise Rosenthal and Zaurno and of course “You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid” by Offspring are some of musical attraction of the opening ceremony.

The techniques of the Opening Ceremony of Copa America 2015

Icardi is confident is confident enough about the whole presentation. He says

“We have a lot of experience in big shows. We created the ‘Bicentenario de la Moneda’ presentation, the light show for the opening of the Costanera Centre and recently the ‘Noche Valdiviana’. We will have more than 150 people, including technicians and performers, working so that everything runs smoothly,”

“There will be a lighting system and magical elements. We brought in teams who recently worked at the Eurovision 2015 festival, which was in Austria last week. We can count on Clay Paky, an award-winning team in Europe and one of the most innovative and modern groups today.”

“We also brought in a specialist fireworks team from Austria. Our group is comprised of people from Austria, Barcelona, Madrid, Canada and the best from Chile. All are looking after every little detail for everything to be perfect.”

“All the lights we will use work via a WiFi system, which will be led by a technician from Sweden. Furthermore, we will have first-rate pyrotechnics planned by the company Pírotecnica Igual – the largest in Spain.”

No doubt that the Copa America Opening Ceremony will be a grand one.

Wrap up:

South America’s biggest football carnival is about to begin. Some of the brightest stars like Messi, Neymar, Tevez, and Alexis Sanchez will blow the minds of the fans and audiences one more time. Just a few days wait to the biggest football championship called Copa America.

Chile’s president Michelle Bachelet will be there. So be the part of the part of the incredible journey with the Copa America 2015 Opening Ceremony.