Copa America 2015: Top Contenders for Most Valuable Player

The Copa America 2015 is about to enter the final, when the host country Chile will be taking on Argentina. This Copa we have seen loads of young talents, many of individual brilliance, some very high voltage matches, some pathetic refereeing and some artistic goalkeeping. Let us bring it altogether and sort out who are the top contenders for the Copa America 2015: Most Valuable Player of the tournament.

Copa America 2015: Most Valuable Player of the tournament

#1 Lionel Messi

The argentine attacking maestro will be the no. 1 choice for the Most Valuable Player of the tournament. Apart from his brilliant assists, dribbles and through balls, Messi this time has led his squad from the front, as a perfect skipper. In case Argentina looses in the final match, we may see other people to hold the award, but it is needless to say, “The Most Valuable Player of the tournament award” deserves Messi’s hand on it! With three assists in pocket, he is the most deserving contender for MVP award of Copa America 2015.

#2 Arturo Vidal

The Chilean mid-fielder has been a key player for his team, through-out the tournament. Vidal has scored three goals for his team already, provided one assist, but that doesn’t define his Copa America 2015 journey thoroughly as the box-to-box genius also contributed a lot, in mid-field blocking to help the Chilean defence. Vidal is the 2nd contender for Most Valuable Player award.

#3 Jorge Valdivia

Another Chilean mid-fielder comes at no. 3 for the list of the Copa America 2015 Most Valuable Player contenders. Valdivia has provided his team the highest no. of assists (4). His pace and mark of intelligence on field may bring him the MVP award of the tournament.

#4 Angel Di Maria

The argentine left-winger would also have a chance to grab the Copa America Most Valuable Player award. Di Maria has scored twice for the sky-striped jerseys and also helped his team with two assists. His position changing, enormous pace down the flank and ability to stretch opponents defence is an apple to watch. The list would be incomplete without the Manchester United pace battery.

Wrap Up:

The list of top contenders for Most Valuable Player of the tournament ends with these four only. Paolo Guerrero from Peru and Adrian Aldrete of Mexico could also have a shot here, but as the final match is yet to be played, it looks like these are the only four contenders.