Coutinho to Barcelona: A Gaze Upon Possibilities

Amidst the shock waves, (to some extent expected to a lot of people) that are currently doing their rounds in Anfield with the departure of Brendan Rodgers the thought of losing yet another exciting young talent in the form of Philip Countinho is high on the minds of the Anfield faithfuls.

Philip Coutinho the legend in the making

Coutinho to Barcelona A Gaze Upon Possibilities

A player of immense potential with a keen sense of positioning, great vision, good passing and dribbling qualities and to add to that thunderous long range goal scoring ability, he definitely falls in line with a great many Brazilian stars hailing from Vasco da Gama. Brought up in the congested Rio de Janeiro suburbs of Rocha and not having a great physique, he had to rely on improvisation and sheer skill.

Philip Coutinho the journey till date

Inter was definitely striking up a great deal when they signed him. However the Italian Serie A was certainly not a final destination for this guy given the drastic fall of the major clubs like Juve, Milan as per as European glory is considered. His tenure in Inter was by no means a great one but he certainly showed his capabilities before being loaned out to Espanyol.

Given the Spanish league’s respect for skill more than the other major European leagues he showed his class and his dead-ball qualities were gathering momentum now. With a lot of failed huge transfer moves which included the likes of Andy Carol the deal of 8.5 million was certainly a great one for the Kops. In the middle of the power show by the forward line of Sturridge and Suarez in the 2014 season coupled with the reborn Henderson, Sterling and the last hurray of Steven Gerrard, Coutinho made his presence felt.

His poaching capabilities and presence of mind was now coming to the fore and certainly his goal against City following a Kompany blunder was one of the high points of the Rodgers era. With the departure of Gerrard, Suarez and Sterling the onus came upon him as the sole playmaker of Liverpool and he certainly did not disappoint.

Coutinho ready to leave for FC Barcelona

But the question is now is he really ready for that coveted move to F C Barcelona? F.C Barcelona has certainly played its part in signing great talents and then leaving those youngsters in the midst of nowhere. Giovani dos Santos, Ibrahim Affelay are glowing proofs of that.

Well it might seem logical that with Iniesta and Xavi in peak form it was only natural. With Iniesta in his thirties now, the situation is a bit different but still it seems a little difficult that Coutinho will be in starting eleven when F C Barcelona still has the likes of Rakitic and Turan and the preferred formation of 4-3-3.

So taking that into consideration it is certainly not a great prospect to be a super-sub at this point of career when maximum playing time is so imperative. But with the Kops a starting eleven is not only guaranteed but the fact that the entire team is now revolving round him, he can easily be the next Ronaldinho whom Brazil is sorely missing. If Liverpool do manage to get Jurgen Klopp then things might just be perfect.

A legend making coach against Europe’s most well armed team

Klopp with his ability to make the most out of limited means has worked with some of the greatest talents of recent times and turning them into game-changers. The list is certainly illustrious with the likes of Gotze, Reus , Gundogan, Lewandowski and so on and Philip Coutinho could easily be the next one given his potential.

But again in F C Barcelona he has a good friend in Neymar who might just be able to convince him to join the Catalan giants and we might get to see one of the exciting partnerships of recent times (both at club and international level) given that both are now in Dunga’s core group of next generation.

But for that he needs quality exposure. With the Kops in the Europa league he can certainly look forward to bringing back Champion League nights to Anfield which will in turn give him that needed exposure being the chief playmaker. Taking into consideration all these things it might just not be right time for that F C Barcelona move since all the three stake-holders are high on risk terms.

Final Words

Liverpool on the verge of losing the best player that they have currently, Coutinho with the high probability of not getting starting eleven and quality playtime and worse still get loaned out and finally FC Barcelona with 22 million given that Iniesta still seems fit for another 2 years of high octane action and the likes of Rakitic and Turan and the fact that they sold one of the best wingers of the current lot in Alexis Sanchez.

In two years time things will certainly ease out a bit and a clearer picture may emerge and then it could actually be a win –win situation for all the 3 parties involved.