Football is a game that relates not only action but almost every emotion. If you are a big fan of football you quite surely have experienced all of those. We all know what it feels like when our favourite team loses or that ecstatic feeling when we win. Those clubs, logos the players all become part of our identity. And the best part of it is undoubtedly love [or hate] from the fans. Without the noise, shout, howl, boos and various gestures what is a football match? Can you even imagine a match where 22 players are playing and the background is silent?

Then there is love or hate for some particular players. Take a look on some of the crazy funny or horrifying things fans actually do!!!

Football fans

Hit by a supporter:

This is one of the very common gestures of the fans, where some opponent player becomes the target. Even players like Messi got hit by a Valencia supporter in 2014 in a La Liga match, though the offender was banned for a life time. Yes we know what he did was wrong but at the end of the day can you forget the fact that he is an ardent supporter of his team and sometimes that can take a crazy turn.

Fans Jumping on the Playground to Hug or Kiss or get an Autograph

Emotional exuberance and you cannot deny that. Such love and appreciation makes a player, a star. From Messi to Ronaldo almost every best soccer player of the world has got through some such incidents.

Weird make up and dress:

crazy fans of football

Just close your eyes and imagine the long queue of the audience before a match. You get the point. You will see various make ups and weird costumes. Also different placards and boards with some funny and witty lines, without those what is a match?

Crazy chants

Haha. This is something very funny and blood boiling too. When a great number from the crowd cries out loud some crazy chants you are bound to feel the love or hate strongly.

"You only live round the corner"

– Fulham fans for the Manchester United

"Deep fry yer pizzas, we're gonna deep fry yer pizzas"

– Scotland fans against Italy, and the list goes on.

Sexy female fans:

Crazy Female Fans

Who says girls don’t love football!! Have you visited a stadium without absolutely zero number of female fans? And how can we forget those sexy women fans to hit the glamour quotients of the game in the field. Yap girls can go crazy to a level you cannot even imagine [see the picture above]

Following the icons:

crazy fans is the life of football

Let some league or world cup to start. You only be stunned by the attempt to prove the fans’ love for their star player. From attempting their hair style and fashion to their jersey and code they try all to send a message of love. Surely sometimes love has no language!!!

Wrap up

Football is the craziest of all sports because it got craziest of all fans. The game has that madness that can be addictive and the fans have proved them again and again. And it is this madness that has given the game such adoration and hype. Thus football is much more than a game. It is life!!!