Sometimes making records are just a routine!!! If not for all, surely for the star player of the planet! The most ‘Real’ of all Madrids, Cristiano Ronaldo ended this season with 66 goals. Anything one can say about this man is insufficient for his talent.

Cristiano Ronaldo Ended Season with 66 Goals

Cristiano Ronaldo Ended Season with 66 Goals

Cristiano scored 61 goals for Real Madrid and 5 for his national team. He has played 60 matches all together in which he made 66 goals including a hat-trick in his last match for Portugal. This is his second highest record of goals in one season after his highest record of 69 goals in the 2011/12 season, where he scored 60 goals only for Real Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo and his goal records for this season 2014-15

The 61 goals are divided among:

  • 48 goals in La Liga
  • 10 in the Champions League
  • 2 in the European Super Cup
  • 1 in the Copa del Rey

And with that he has become the second highest scorer of all time with 314 goals only after Raúl with 323.

Another interesting fact about Cristiano Ronaldo is he has scored 50 or more goals for five years back to back.

Cristiano Ronaldo and some of his other records:

When he is called by the name ‘goal machine’ it is true. Just take a look in some of his records.

  • Most international goals in a year
  • First player to score in every minute of a game
  • Only player in history who has scored 60 or more goals in a  year five times
  • Only player to score more than 50 goals in five different seasons
  • Most hat-tricks in La Liga with 27 hat-tricks

And these are just few among a large number of his personal records.

Cristiano Ronaldo and recent criticism:

This year Cristiano Ronaldo started the season in his usual style of excellent performance and numerous goals. But towards the end of the season somehow he went a bit off form and his team Real Madrid suffered.

Real Madrid won Super Cup and Club World Cup in 2014-15. But last season Madrid could not show any magic. Till December Ronaldo was in excellent form then somehow he was seen dull in the first two months of this year.

Some fans feel it is his personal problems that affected his form and performance. Ronaldo went through a bitter break up with his long term girlfriend Russian model Irina Shayk, who accused him for infidelity.

Though from March his performance improved his team could not shine like before. In his defense we can say he did everything possible to save the situation but Real Madrid turn out to be a one man army. Many injured players add to the worries, though he unfortunately got most of the criticism.

The worst part of being a hero is his larger than life existence. At times we forget to realize the fact that he is just a human being like us with flesh and blood.

Wrap up

Apart from the unnecessary criticism he faced, the individual performance of the man is still intact. Another feather added to the crown when Cristiano Ronaldo Ended Season with 66 Goals.