Cristiano Ronaldo is no friend, insists Barcelona star Lionel Messi. The players are the world’s best rivals ever since Cristiano Ronaldo joined Real Madrid as they battle every year for the world’s best player award. Ronaldo and Messi share a healthy professional relationship and share a mutual respect for each other. The Barcelona forward once against that he has utmost respect for his Portuguese counterpart but there is nothing more personally, Messi insisted.

Cristiano Ronaldo received criticisms from everywhere after the player’s comments were deemed as ‘disrespecting’ towards his teammates. Ronaldo claimed that his team would have been on the top of the table if all of his teammates were on the same level as himself. Ronaldo cleared that he meant the players’ ‘physical’ level since Real Madrid have no of their key players sidelined due to injuries. But it is reported that Ronaldo really blamed the players’ performances.


Even rival players had says on this issue and the world’s best player Lionel Messi expressed his views. Messi resisted himself from engaging in any of the ongoing sensation as he told nothing about the current issue. He talked only about his ‘professional’ relationship with Ronaldo and insisted he has nothing more than a professional relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo.

“We are professionals that defend our teams, and rivals in this game, nothing more than that.”

“Sometimes it happens that we win or that we lose. There has always been respect and nothing more,” told Lionel Messi.

Though Messi and Ronaldo have a rivalry beyond normal levels, they share a mutual respect for each other and Messi once again proved that. Messi’s Barcelona teammate Jordi Alba criticised Ronaldo for his comments as he felt no one from Barcelona will ever say what Ronaldo said after the game. Barcelona’s vice-president Jordi Mestre also criticised the Portuguese international for his comments after the game.