Truth is stranger than fiction. But the Portuguese star Ronaldo’s ‘part of personal life’ can surpass all. I mean, it’s more dramatic than a movie plot. Yes I know what am talking is known to all. It is his son with a mysterious woman. But today am not going to stuff you with already known details. Am more into, dig into the other things that is blissfully forgotten.

ronaldo and his son

Ronaldo Junior: a brief detail

The year was 2010 when the heart throb of football galaxy, Cristiano Rolando, shaked the whole world declaring about being a father and a sole parent of a baby boy through the social media. Suddenly it became the responsibility of the media to investigate the name of the mother and the incident that made a huge controversy. From British student to American waitress to surrogacy all included in ‘possibility list’. Even the theory of ‘one night stand’ and ‘traditional Roman Catholic’ mentality and sense of responsibility was not out of thought. Ah how can I forget about question on Ronaldo’s sexuality, from being gay to bisexual!!!! Seriously the world is strange. Surprisingly the name of the mother is still a secret but Cristiano Ronaldo paid £20 million for paternity fees to the mother is known to all!!!!

The weird answers to Ronaldo Junior:

Ronaldo Meme

The baby has been taken care of by CR7’s mother and sisters. Dolores Aveiro, Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother says it is his son’s wish that now the baby must not know who his mother is and when he will grow up and want to know about his biological resource, they will not stop him. It has been said that the baby asked about his mother and the family {especially Ronaldo’s sisters} said that she is in “heaven” and then the answer was corrected and he was told “his mother has gone travelling”.

Crictiano Ronaldo Meme

Now the baby may be too small to understand such ‘confusion related to his mother’ and according to the family sources, now he has “stopped asking”. Wow, another victory for the player.

Final Words:

I can see, may be after few years Ronaldo will be ready to tell his son “how he met the mother” and hopefully the story will take ten minutes [as they spent only a night together, according to the sources] and not nine seasons unless he is a perfect ‘Ted Mosby’ who will remember all his lady love and will discuss them in detail!!!